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Chicken Soup

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So, I bought two bags of dry Chicken Soup last week, one for Seb and one for Daphne.

Seb doesn't like his at all.

Daphne seemed to like hers at first although it looked like it was difficult to chew. I wetted it down a bit. Now she won't eat much of it, either moistened or dry. Her litterbox stinks to high heaven, too - much more than Sebastian's.

I am thinking of trying Natural Balance. Anyone's cats have issues with this brand?

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How did you change their food? If you didn't start out with a mostly old brand mix of food, to a mostly new brand mix over a week or 2, then it will probably upset their tummies, and they might reject it, too if they haven't been switched gradually so they get used to the new taste .

If you did switch them gradually, I'd check and see what is in their new food that wasn't in their old food- it may just be that there is something in the CS that doesn't agree with at least one kitty tummy in your house.

What food are you switching from?
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I've fed some Chicken Soup to my boys, they love it... of course they'd eat practically anything.

However... it makes Tomas have eggy smelling farts and quite a bit at that. If I remember correctly, it does have a lot of different eggs in it, maybe that was why. I never noticed the litter box smelling any more than usual.
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Chicken Soup never went over well here, but it seems that many have had good experiences with it. I feed NB to Damtia for her allergies. No longer can. I tried feeding it to Twitch & Lily...made Lily vomit.

NB is a good food, though.
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try a simpliar food.. NB venison and pea is a good one ,...
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Neither Swanie nor Cindy liked Chicken Soup, either dry or canned. And Swanie doesn't refuse much.

I just got some Natural Balance, and they both ate the little bit I gave them. I've got them on California Natural right now, but I want something to mix in with it. I like giving them a little variety, and I've had to switch from what I was feeding them because of the wheat gluten. Fortunately, I had been switching them to Cal. Natural anyway.
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We haven't tried the dry chicken soup food...a lot of people are real happy with it Natalie said.

Mine tried the canned kitten chicken soup and it made for horribly stinky poo...I'm not sure why. There hasn't been another canned food that did that to them. I may try again, with the adult or something...cause it didn't make them sick, just stinky.

Mine like all the NB dry that I've issues but they've never had it as much more than treats.
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We feed Chicken Soup to our cat and he loves it. His coat has improved and he is doing great on it. We ran out one time and had to feed him some of his different food. When we got more Chicken Soup we poured it into the airtight container it is stored in he ran up and started eating it out the the container and couldn't wait til we put it in his bowl. He also gets natural balance wet food and loves that as well. He loves the Venison and Green pea.
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My four get Chicken Soup dry and absolutely love it. They're doing great on it and their coats have never looked so good.
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All three of my critters live on Chicken Soup and they all love it and do well on it.
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Thank you all for your responses. It really helped Wish my cats would listen Little Daphne will not eat anything other that what Seb eats. She will not eat the Chicken Soup kitten formula anymore. Seb has decided he can eat the SD mixed with the CS and its okay. I am concerned Daphne won't get the nutrition a kitten needs from eating Seb's adult food.
So, today I bought a bag of Natural Balance "for kittens to adults". Is it true this will be okay for both of them?

For far, Daph will not eat any wet food, looks at it like its the weirdest thing. Seb still will only eat MeowMix pouches. Ah well, at least they're eating


P.S. When I first started feeding Daph, I didn't know what the people who had her were feeding her. I think it is safe to assume it may have been a generic store brand.
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I liked Chicken Soup because of the cost and for the most part Gizmo did well on it. I never tried the wet only the dry and my only complaint was how stinky it made his poop. Sure it's not suppose to smell like roses but this was over the top bad. I put up with it for a while, then just had enough. That is the only reason I switched and now the smell is almost unnoticeable.
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I fed my dogs Chicken Soup for 3 months, didn't try the cats on it. It caused one of my dogs to have awful dandruff so I switched them off of it. Other than the dandruff on Scooter, I was very pleased with the food... but he's much happier now that he's on something different.
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