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Merrick Food??

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Anyone feed their kitties Merrick canned food? What's your opinion? I found some at the place I get my organic gardening supplies and thought it might be a good option for my Hannah who's on a mostly wet food diet.

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Its a high quality food ... My dog will eat a few flavors the cats used to but changed their minds
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It looks good but neither of mine liked it
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Merrick is a very good food, lots of protein and no grains. It has the added advantage of *not* being made by Menu Foods. It is different if appearance from most canned foods. It's not paté style or chunks in gravy. It has pieces of meat and veggies in a thinner broth. It may take your cat some time to adjust to it. I've used the Turducken, Thanksgiving Dinner and Cowboy Cookout. There are other flavors but they contain too much fish for my two cats who have problems with crystals.

I did feed Merrick to my cats along with other foods for a while. Being their picky selves they decided after about 6 weeks that they didn't like it anymore.
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Merrick is a very good wet food. My dog loves it. My cats ate it for about a week before they snubbed it. I am having much better luck feeding them Wellness grain-free cans. It's been a couple of months now and they still devour it.
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My two non-IBD cats approved of Turducken and Thanksgiving Day Dinner. No problems, ingredients look good...I just switched because it was easier to give everyone the same, IBD appropriate food
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My cats like the Cowboy Cookout the best. Thanksgiving Day Dinner comes in long as I don't give it to them too much.
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Swanie and Cindy will eat a bit of it, but it's not their favorite. They seem to like the Surf and Turf best. I can only get a few varieties at the Pet Supermarket, tho, so I haven't tried them all Gave them some Turkeyducken last night, and Cindy said no thanks.
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Hannah scarfed down the Thanksgiving Day Dinner I fed her both last night and this morning. She's not a finicky eater at all, for which I'm thankful. I might order the combo pack in the small cans from either the Merrick site or to see if she'll eat the other varieties.

Thanks for the feedback!!

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I tried my cats on it. Tailer ate it enthusiastically the first couple times, then changed his mind. Harvey wouldn't touch it. Forest ate it then threw it all up (not really a surprise...he does that with most anything he can get into).
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Tumper hated it. He did finally eat a bit and promptly threw it up. Semi feral outside kitties eat it. Tiny (semi feral) doesn't like it, but will eat it. Spotty (her brother) seems to like it okay.
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I tried numerous wet foods when I was trying to switch our kitties over to more of a wet food diet and Merrick's is the only one they would eat. They don't like any fish or seafood flavours so they get Thanksgiving Day Dinner and Granny's Pot Pie. They have tried the Cowboy Cookout but it wasn't a big hit. They wouldn't touch the New England Dinner (I think that's what it was called). They eagerly await their dinners so I can only assume they really like the stuff.
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My cats like it in general. And it's hard to find a food 5 cats like! And it was nice to not have to worry in the wake of the latest recall...

My newest cat has an issue with the texture - it's a bit oatmeal-like or not firm enough. They tend to like Tiki-Cat better, but I like to change it up with Merricks. The only problem I have is that their cases come in 24s and by the time I've used them up, the cats won't eat that flavor any more.
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Merrick's is a good food, but the cats seem to get tired of it fast, so I only feed it a couple of times a month. The only one I've seen them snub was the California Roll flavor. It had a lot of cucumber/veggie bits and they tend to dislike that. Cowboy cookout and Turducken were both hits.

I'm lucky that there's a local pet food store that stocks it by the can so I don't have to buy a case. Also the cans are not the usual sizes, I think the smaller can is slightly more than 3oz (3.2, I think) so my can cover doesn't work with it
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I guess I've been lucky - I buy 2 cases at a time - one of each of the 2 flavours and have been doing so for close to a year. Our cats haven't tired of it and in fact Bijou will sometimes take the 1/2 can with the lid covering the food off the counter in his teeth and carry it in the living room for me to scoop out for him.
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Maybe I'm just choosing the wrong flavors. This morning neither Tigger nor Clyde would eat theirs. I think it was Ocean Breeze or Southern Delight...
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Well, Hannah scarfed down her Turducken this morning like it was nobody's business! She's such a good cat when it comes to food. I'm heading out to the feed store tomorrow to pick up some of the other flavors for her to try.

I'd also like to dry her on the Muenster natural cat food (dry), but the feed store only has it in a gigantic bag and she doesn't eat that much. Will have to check at the bird center to see if they have the smaller bag.

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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
Maybe I'm just choosing the wrong flavors. This morning neither Tigger nor Clyde would eat theirs. I think it was Ocean Breeze or Southern Delight...
Could be Kim. I know our two spoiled babies won't touch any of the other flavours and especially nothing with fish or seafood. They also didn't like Turducken. They did however eat Cowboy cookout but it wasn't as much a favourite as Granny's and Thanksgiving.
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