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Air Princess has a new kitty!

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From what I hear, this kitty could patent her own version of the Cat Litter Box Dance! As Colby shifts and cleans, kitty jumps from box to box (helping I am sure!) Everyone meet Copeland- who is so grateful Colby and her S/O rescued her out of a Petsmart cage she dances for Colby daily! Colby she is beautiful!

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What a beautiful little kitty! You are so lucky to have her, AP, almost as lucky as she is to have you.
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I've never been around a cat with so much personality. she talks all the time, prances around the house, runs along side you when you walk around the house and will knock whatever is in your lap out of the way to crawl into it and lay down.

She is so awesome.

MA, I noticed last night, that if I even walk into the room where the litter box is, she races past me, jumps in it and prances all around. (it was clean) she's a card all right.
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Good thing it's clean then! What a sweetheart she is!
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What a beautiful torti (I am partial to them because Pepperpot is a torti).
Congrats of the lovely new addition - she is lucky to get such loving parents!
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Must be something, about torties. Every one, that I've known (including Rowdy) has been a real heller! Love those ornery kitties!
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I don't know, because I haven't seen them for days! It's going to take them ALOT of time to feel comfortable and come out. Just ask MA because she's had to listen to me freak out over upsetting my other 2
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She is absolutely beautiful, and she really does sound like an awesome kitty!!!
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LOL! You can freak out on me anytime Colby. I believe you owe me more freak-outs anyway!

They will come around, just have to give them time.
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What a beautiful furbaby
Sounds like she has a great personality too, so that's great.
I'm sure the others will come around, they always do eventually.
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Who's Airprincess?
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You know there is a rumor she is a moderator?? That is only a rumor though......
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She is so sweet looking! I love that little patch on her chin, it makes her look like she's sticking her tounge out.
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Aww AP shes gorgeous!! Congrats to you and her!! Be sure to post more pics when you find her snuggled up with your other two!
I noticed you hadn't been around much lately, hope all is well
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Oh Colby!!!! She is just adorable!!!!!!! I am so glad she has wandered into your life and your heart!!! What a lucky little kitty!!! I want to see more pics!!!!!
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Hi! What a cutie! Of course, none of what I've read has made me feel reassured about bringing in Munchkin (who we plan to foster until we can adopt her, right?). And the four of us have just gotten so comfortable together...

But Colby, it's worth it, isn't it? It has to be. Sounds like you have a great form of entertainment there, and won't need to watch much TV....
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It is worth it. We're going through a rough patch right now but I have faith (thanks to MA and Sandie) that it's all going to work out. It may take them a while to become one big happy family, but I'm content to wait it out, knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It does my heart good to know that I'm able to give a 3rd kitty a good home.

Thanks everyone for all your kind words about copeland. She's a really special girl.
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Awwwww...she looks absolutely precious.

Beautiful kitty! I'm sure there will be nothing but good times ahead once the adaption period is over with.
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