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Oh No - Some Advice Please

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I'm hoping someone can offer some advice. My 2yr old tabby ate some nylon mesh this evening. I bought it to decorate an Easter Basket, put it on the table, went in to the other room for 5 minutes and when I came back I found her eating the material. She managed to get two big pieces before I found her.
I'm not sure whether to run her to the emergency vet (not sure what, if anything they can do to ward off trouble) or to wait and see if she passes it. I'm so afraid it will wrap around her intestines.

Does anyone have any similar experience you can share with me or any advise.

Thank you.
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I'd always rather be on the safe side. I'd take her to the vet if she were my cat. Though *sometimes* small objects may pass through, I think it's way too much of a risk to wait and see if it passes, especially since you know for certain she's eaten 2 large pieces.

Hope she'll be ok. Please keep us updated.
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Is there an update?

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Yes, and thank you for asking. We called the Vet and she said to keep an eye on her and if she stopped eating/drinking or got diareaha to bring her in.
Shortly afterwards she vomited some (which had some of the fabric) and she seems to be acting normal. Thank Goodness!!

Thank you for your concern. Hopefully this is the extent of it and she is ok.
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I am glad that she is feeling better, but still keep a close eye on her just in case.
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Thanks very much for your concern. I definitely will keep an eye on her. It's seems like a lot more went in than came out. I don't know what this attraction is she has for netting. She got a hold of one of those bath tub scruncies (don't know the correct name) that you bathe with in the tub a few weeks ago.
Guess I have to be real careful and mindful of what I'm bringing in the house.
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Oh good! I'd still keep a close watch on her just in case. I was on poop watch once when my 8 mo kitty ate the tail off her mouse toy.

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I know what you mean. Everytime I buy a toy I have to practically take the who thing apart before I can let my babies have it. Between the bells (which, I can' tfor the life of me understand why they have to put them on) and all of the other stuff they can choke on the toy is destroyed before they get it.
My biggest problem is getting something that they won't chew right through. They all go immediately for the string and bite every toy down. I'm trying shoe string now, which works a little longer but eventually they bite through that too. Always something!!!
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There is another string thread around here somewhere; this is just the kind of situation our cats like to find, eh? I just always assume my cat (or toddler, but they are one in the same at times!) *WILL* try to ingest or ruin or hide whatever I think I can leave in a room.

One of my cats love these little toy mice; he actually plays 'fetch' with them. WHen I get a new pack I immediately cut/rip the tails off. Grayboy managed to swallow one the first time (harmlessly, thank goodness). I even cut sweatshirt strings--not kidding!

Glad to hear it's coming up but like others and your vet said, monitor kitty.

I wanted to add that encourage water drinking if you can. Add ice cubes maybe...keep it very fresh. And watch the poop progress.
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Sweatshirt huh? That sounds like a great idea to try. Maybe it will hold up better than the shoe string.

My youngest baby loves those little mice also. He throws (and fetches) them all over the house. They utimately end up under the china cabinet, so I have to sweep them out once a week.

Thanks again,
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One of our cats would chew/suck on sweatshirt strings so much they would get gooey and I was afraid she would choke. So I just snip the dang things now. Or dont' get ones with strings.

Just expect the unexpected when it comes to cats.

Aren't they funny with the toy mice? I have 2 cats who fetch but they are particular about *which* mouse is *their* mouse. Grayboy has to have the soft non shakey sound ones. He pushes them under the stove and won't stop crying until I rescue the things.

Roo must have the sisal mice that make a shakey sound. Never shall the two toys be mixed up! You should see the LOOK I get from either cat if I throw the wrong mouse toy. Amazing how a furball can make you feel totally incompetent!

Hope things are ok with your nibbler!
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