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Ophelia needs positives vibes...please!

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Hi, My 14 year old cat had surgery today to remove stones from her urinary tract. She had been passing a little blood in her urine and recent x-rays revealed the tiny stones. Ophelia is healthy and I was not worried. Everything went fine.

When I picked her up, however, my vet informed me that they did a biopsy on her bladder because there were some abnormalities. My vet is excellent, cautious, and thorough, and I completely trust his judgement. Problem is I'm really scared to get the results. I am trying to be positive and hope that this sinking feeling is simply a result of my surprise at the news. I don't have a question, but everyone here seems to be so supportive that I thought I would ask for a little help in staying positive.
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Sending vibes for you and Ophelia!
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Hopefully everything will be fine.
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I hope all Ophelia's results came back OK. to you both.
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Good biopsy results and continued good health vibes to Ophelia. Hugs and positive thoughts to both of you.
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I'm sending good test result vibes from me and my gang. Hugs to you and Ophelia.
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Sending healthy vibes to Ophelia. When will you get the results?
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We are sending you huge vibes that everything works out fine and that you stay calm and sane through the wait!!!
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Sending you and Ophelia lots of vibes.
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Thank you all so much! I am feeling better today - definitely calmer and much more positive. All I had to do was look at my beautiful girl. Despite her surgery yesterday, she is still snuggly and completely determined ... to jump on the couch, that is. We made some steps for her and she begrudgingly uses them. She'd much rather jump! Anyway, watching how quickly she is recovering gives me quite a bit of hope. Don't really know when the results will be back. Usually within a couple of days.
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Good biopsy result vibes coming your way!
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Oh what a worry for you I am hoping that the tests come back showing nothing wrong.
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Another set of good vibes Get well soon
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When my vet called me back and left a message on my answering machine regarding Winchester's blood/FIP results, I had that sinking feeling, too, so I can sure empathize w/ how you're feeling. It's a horrible place to be

I'm sending more good vibes your way, and I'm happy to hear that your baby's doing better.

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