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Healthy Vibes Please!

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I'm taking Cleo and Maggie to the vet on Thursday. Cleo is having routine bloodwork done to monitor her renal values. She is doing well, good appetite (well, maybe too good...she's up to 11.3 pounds!) active, plays, poops, etc. I'm expecting no surprises there. Maggie has me a little concerned. Saturday evening she jumped up in my lap for snuggles and I noticed that she seemed 'light'. Her backbone seems more pronounced. So I weighed her on the baby scale and she's gone from 8 pounds 4 oz., down to 7 lbs., 13 oz. in a little less than two months. I realize that isn't a great amount, but it still concerns me. Maggie is my neurotic 6 year old. She's a nervous kitty who is afraid of quick movements and loud noises. She's my electrical cord (and everything else) chewer. She's also a 'stealth' eater...so it's really hard to determine if she's eating less than usual. I'm wondering if I could have some ' good renal numbers' vibes for Cleo and 'nothing wrong' vibes for Maggie. I'm sure everyone can empathize with me about how nervous we meowmies get before a vet visit!

Pookie & the girls
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You know you've got {{{vibes}}} from me, Pookie, for both Cleo and Maggie. I hope both of your girls have great exams! Maggie, what are you trying to do to your poor meowmie???
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Sending vibes to you and your babies!
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Here are vibes for good test results and good health for Cleo and Maggie. Hugs and positive thoughts to all of you.
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I'll send some vibes for good test results from me and my gang. I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you and your girls.
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Lots of vibes heading your way.
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{{{vibes}}} for a good vet visit!
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Yes we do lots of healthy vibes all around ((((((((((((( VIBES ))))))))))
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Kitters and I are sending you VERY uneventful VIBES!
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