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Sheba Premium Cuts as only food?

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Ok, my cat Pooka has had diarrhea for about a year now. We thought it was cause she had bad teeth but after she had those fixed she still persisted with constant loose stool. So we decided it must be a food allergy. We switched her to Sheba Select Cuts, which is a completly meat based food. It literally has only meat/fish, tapioca starch and guar gum. She now has solid stool. I am assuming she must have been allergic to whatever grain was in the Friskies food we were feeding. However since she doesnt eat dry food(she refuses, she will literally starve herself), all she is getting for nutrition is one can of the Sheba a day. Is this ok for her nutritionally?
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THE shebas in a tub like can ... ARE NOT complete and shouldnt be the sole source of food... they are fine in a rotation with complete wets or if dry is avail
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Try a mixture of Venison and Pea by Natural Balance with Sheba Tubs
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Well dry is available but she doesnt eat it. However can someone explain why pretty much pure meat isnt nutritionally complete? Arent cats carnivores? In the wild I am sure they eat only meat, they dont seek out peas or other veggies and eat them. They sometimes eat grass to throw up and thats it. So how is a completly meat based diet bad for a cat??
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Sharky can go into better and more detail than I can, but something like a fresh killed raw mouse is a "complete" meal. Cooked meat is lacking in some vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. You're right, cats are carnivores, but there's no hibachi grill in the wild..so cooked meat by itself is missing some things.
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I forgot, there are some grain free "complete" canned foods available. Have you tried any? Wellness (the non-fishy ones) and Innova EVO are 2 that come to mind...they are grain free however they do come from a MENU foods plant.
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I also think, that when they eat the animal they also get the animals stomach contents which contains grains and such, so that is a part of their diet. That could be something to think of. (But I am no expert or anything so mine is all pure thought of my own!)
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the sheba meats are just meat no organs no bone no viatimins added in for the cooking process
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OK, so now you know that Shebe tins are "safe" to feed without causing a reaction, trying adding one other canned food for a week & see if she has any symptoms. Only try one food at a time.
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Have you tried the feline fayre range? They have a complete cat food which they sell in three little cans for £1.49 in Asda. They also have complementary foods as well and Hi-Life doesn't cause tummy upsets but its complementary as well (and my cat doesn'r seem to like it).
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