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I think I saw blood

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ok, so I got home today and my female cat went potty, and I thought I saw blood on her anus. It really looked like blood at the time. Now I'm starting to second-guess myself. Her poo is kinda reddish brown. Could it have just been a little residue?
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I am sorry to hear your baby is having a problem. It's definately best to have her check out by the VET and tell him what you saw.

Blood on the stool can be caused by a lot things such as worms, giardia, etc - but one thing is for sure it will not resolve itslef on it's own.
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Well, so I called my vet this morning and the tech didn't seem too worried. She said my cat could have ingested a little stick or something that mildly scraped her insides.

So tonight I went to a movie and when I came home there were two spots of blood next to the litter box. argh. the trouble is now I don't know which cat left it. I have three of my own, and three foster kittens right now.

I know another adult cat has worms. Could worms cause blood? It's hard to tell whether it was coughed up or came out. One was still fresh enough for me to wipe it up with a paper towel. It was the size of a penny.

I'm going to take her straight to the vet tomorrow and have them watch her to see if she does anything else. I'm just frantic. I hate seeing these things after hours. what on earth would cause this? she seems fine. she plays, watches birds, eats fine...
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I know it's scary when you see blood the first time. Now, take a deep breath - that's better.

Yes, worms could be the reason and there there are other reason. Just keep an eye on them, whoever it is he/she is not in pain. You are definately doing the right thing take her to the VET.

The other way to weed out the cat with the problems is to isolate one cat at a time in a room with it's own litterbox, food & water and watch for stool. That way you can easily determin who has the problem.

Good luck and heads up, your kitty will be just fine.

Oh, and if your VET continues not to be concerned about things like this, in my humble opinion, it's time to find one that is.
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Well, my vet was very concerned. Tinkerbell had infected anal glands before, and he was worried that perhaps one of them had ruptured. (He said she was too young to worry about tumors just yet.) But he looked inside her bottom and said everything was intact. There were some blood flakes left over, and perhaps some mucous, but nothing else. He gave her a Drontal for worms, and another pill (Pred? or Pret). I think that was also for worms also. I'm keeping a close eye on her...so far so good.
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Yeah I am so glad to hear this!!
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