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Trapping question

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My husband and I work with a rescue group. We're no strangers to trapping, BUT this one particular cat is giving us fits. She lives at a building 1/2 mile from home, where I used to work (the company is no longer there). I've been feeding her for almost a year, so I guess she is almost a year old. She's a tortie, very vocal and hunches her back when I come. I can't get too close to her to pet her or touch her, but she's not afraid of me. Now she's pregnant. We've been trying for 3 days to get her into the trap. I've used cooked warm chicken, cat food (tuna), even catnip and she'll go in 1/2 way and back out. The trap is clean (we clean it well after each use). I use newspaper on the bottom, and I'm withholding food. She's only eaten what she can get from the start of the trap plus a tiny bit of kibble. What else can I do? What else can I use? If I stay too close she doesn't go to the trap. Only when I walk far enough away.
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I am very inexperienced at trapping, but i just caught a very skittish pregnant feral who would not go near the trap. I fed from the trap for over a week, leaving both ends open. Then I closed one end but did not set it for a few days- the cat still went in and ate. The first day after this progression that I actually set the trap, she walked right into it within minutes after I set up.
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Have you been keeping the trap strapped open with food in it so that she can eat without it tripping? We usually start the process that way for the hard to catch ones - usually from 2 days to a week. Put tiny scraps leading up to the trap and the bulk way back in the trap. Make sure the trip isn't set too firm.

Also - use Kentucky Fried Chicken. White meat with the skins and bones removed. Don't ask me why, it simply works.

When all else fails, we've resorted to drop traps. Set up a box trap on a stick with a long rope attached to pull when they go inside to eat the food. The trap has a door that slides up to transfer into a regular trap once caught. It works on those "impossible" to catch cats.

If you want more information on the drop trap, just PM me. This one took me an afternoon to make out of supplies I found in my barn (2x2's and chicken wire). It's not pretty but it was free. The first cat it caught was one that had been alluding regular traps for 3 years.
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The one and only time I've ever trapped a cat...actually it was two kittens...we couldn't get them to go in for anything.

I got a can of salmon and sort of made a trail of it leading from where they were hiding...under a porch...into the back of the trap.
They got one wiff of that and those two little things were tripping each other to get that salmon.
They both went into the trap with no problem.
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
Also - use Kentucky Fried Chicken. White meat with the skins and bones removed. Don't ask me why, it simply works.
I so agree! KFC is like the irresistable to ferals... LOL
I think the drop trap, or even putting the food in an open carrier for a few days would work. Just leave the carrier there (if you can) and leave food and a blanket in it. Eventually a string from the door back through or over the carrier will allow you to pull the door shut when she goes in it.
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Originally Posted by YaYas_Mom View Post
I so agree! KFC is like the irresistable to ferals... LOL
The Humane Society taught me that trick about 4 years ago and I've noticed that it's catching on all over the country. Someone posted earlier about a feral colony that they were living behind....you guessed it....a KFC!!! Smart cats.
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Philly cats seem to prefer Boston Market--go figure....
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