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What are you being for halloween?

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I am going to be a cat <-- of course. I have a really cute costume and I will post a pic if I can. My youngest cat Hercules, is going as a bumble bee. He loves his costume so much he practically begs to get it on. What are you going to be for Halloween?
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Well, to be honest, I'll be glad when its over!! If people here still dressed up etc it would be good fun, but all it is now (in my area anyway) is kids beating your door down wanting chocolate and sweets, and they're not even dressed up!!! LAME... so, I expect we'll be huddling in the dark with cats trying to make it look like no-one is home!! :laughing:

But do post a pic!! I love to see the costumes!
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I agree with Rhea. Don't get me wrong I love Halloween, it's one of my favorite holidays. I like seeing the costumes, and watching scary shows on TV and having an excuse to pig out on candy but the last couple years the kids have been so rude. They hardly say thank you and if they do it gets mumbled. If I didn't say thank you when I went my mom would have made me go and give the candy back and apologuise.

Plus you have some 15 year old trying to get free candy and THAT's what ticks me off. Go get a job at McDonald's and buy your own candy!! Sorry.
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I'm going to be the person at the door giving out the loot.

I agree with you guys. I live in a small little town, and we only get about 10 trick or treaters. Last year, only 3 were actually wearing costumes! When I was little, even if we didn't have the money to buy the costumes, we made them out of whatever we had. (Dad's baggy shirts, a bug hat, some "antennae"...POOF you're an alien or an ant, lol).

And in my house there was always a rule that once you hit 12 years old, you didn't go trick or treating anymore, but mom would give you any of the left over candy from the trick or treaters. Good deal, seeing as we only get a few kids!
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I was a bad girl and didn't even know it! We kept trick or treating well into our teenage years, but we always wore costumes and said thank you. Of course, if any of my friends had little brothers or sisters we would volunteer to take them out.

Unfortunately, I'm not going to be anything for Halloween. The office I work at is "Professional Attire" so the best I could do was wear my bat and spider hair clips, bring in some "spooky" Goth music and Trick or Treat candy for the guys.

I have no idea how many kids we will get this year, but probably very few. It is bitterly cold outside, temps are supposed to be well below freezing for Trick or Treat time. Last year I got one little girl (who was dressed up really cute and did manage a Thank You but she was so shy you could barely hear it. CUTE!)
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I'm dressed up as a flying nun.

For some reason, people at the office think this is hilarious! Personally, I think it reflects my personality!!

Taking the boys out tonight. And then, hopefully we'll be home in time to hand candy out. We only get about 10-15 children also. Small town and to top it off, I live just on the street lights. So not many want to venture out to see us.
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We went to a party, last night. I'm not going to divulge our costumes - you'll have to wait for the pix.

I let my kids trick-or-treat, until they were 12. After that, they went to parties, at school. Mom did the same thing, with us. As the oldest kid, I got escort duty.

Don't know how many crumb-snatchers we'll get. I've got Butterfingers and KitKats. That way, any leftovers won't go to waste.
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I'm gonna be hiding from the children!

Just kidding - I'll be passing out candy (between commercials)

It's Thursday night = the best night for T.V.

:bat :witch: :vampireL: :bat
:bat :witch: :vampireL: :bat
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LOL! Flying Nun? Too cool. I love dressing up for halloween, maybe it's because I'm only 17 years old. I went trick-or-treating last year and I was so embarrased. I thought to myself "What other 16 year old would go trick-or-treating?!" This year I'm taking my 6 year old brother Kevin out. I am going to go and get ready now...The fun starts in 2 and a half hours now!!

Happy Halloween!
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I'm going as Scrooge. No lights. No candy. Oops, wrong holiday, but you get the idea. I am typing this from a battery operated laptop by candlelight in the bathroom, where I am holed up until this night is over.
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Well thankfully its over!! We had about 4 lots of trick or treaters come to the door, the majority of them were 14 -15 year old boys just wearing their usual baggy trousers and a hooded top - but they had pulled the hoods up. Wow. needless to say, they got nuffin'!!!! :laughing:
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Halloween is a commercial holiday now, shame really. It's not safe anyway for youngsters out at night, to many weird and sick people out there. We did give a lad who was around about 10 some money, as that is what they seem to prefer.

UKers will know Bonfire Night is due, 5th November, celebrating the failure of Guy Fawkes attempt at blowing up the Houses of Parliment! Personally it would have been more apt if he had managed it We set fireworks off and have huge bonfires. If anyone wants to know about Guy Fawkes, just look up his name with a good search engine (I'm to lazy to do it)
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I was just another person at the door passing out candy last night. We didn't get many trick or treaters, it was cold here plus most of the kids in my neighborhood are in their teens now.

Halloween was more fun when my son was small. I used to take him out trick or treating, and then we would go to a really cool haunted house. Our last stop would be at his school for a Halloween party.
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Yey!! Bonfire night!!! We're planning to go to a big firewors display not too far from us, can't wait!! (Although we'll have to make sure all kitties and puppies are safe in the house with music on, they are all scared of the noise.. bless 'em)
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Suki doesn't even bother about the bangs, she just sits in the window watching all the lights
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My cats are scared of them - well, they don't like them, lets put it that way The dogs on the other hand are petrified!!! They are only puppies still and they shake if they hear fireworks going off... we have to turn it into a game for them, after a while they seem to stop noticing them, until we try to sit and watch TV... a friends dog died just the other night from ahving a heart attack from the noise of the fireworks... it really annoys me how people start letting them off about 3 months before firework night!
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Got my Halloween pix developed. Can you figure out, who we were?
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Now, for the piece de resistance:
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Okay, I guess the Willie Nelson one but yours....I'm stumped.
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Late I know (story of my life! ) but I ended up being a dedicated employee for Halloween. I planned on getting out around 4:30-5:00 so I could come home, get dinner and then get ready for the kiddies to come and get candy! Plus my niece was coming over to show us her Indian Princess costume. She's such a little cutie!

Instead...I ended up staying at work until almost 7:30...we had been having problems with a server for almost a week and the vendor engineers had been working on this problem since Monday, with no success. I finally had them give me access to the box and started working on it around 3:00. I ended up finding the problem and by the time I got it fixed and tested to make sure things were working that we had been having trouble with, it was almost 7:00!!! We have to send status emails to our project manager every day before we leave so by the time I got that done and got out of there it was nearly 7:30. I was so upset that I missed the kiddies...but this problem had been lurking for so long I just HAD to finish the work once I found the problem.

Good thing about all of it is that my boss was SO happy that I fixed a problem that the vendors of the product couldn't even fix that she gave me Friday afternoon off. With pay! Woohoo!

I did manage to make it home in time to see Rachel (my niece) in her costume and get a few pics of her (I'll be posting them on my website soon) so it wasn't a total loss. Plus a 1/2 day off on a Friday. Hmm...maybe I should pretend to be a dedicated employee more often! LOL!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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Ghys, I'm going to keep you in suspense, for a while longer. I'm sure some of the older (40-plus) members will figure me out.
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Oh what the heck was her name? I think it is the woman who used to say, "Come and see me big boy"...or something like that! LOL!!
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You're close, Carla. The line was, "Come up and see me, I'll tell your fortune." The movie was "She Done Him Wrong" (1934). These hints should help.
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I cheated!! I cheated!! But I know who you are!! Can I say it????? Pleeeeease???? did provide the title and I am on my computer and the search navigator was just calling my name.

Let me know if I can let the cat out of the bag!!
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Why not? I, honestly, didn't think that it would be that difficult. Everybody at Eddie's Bar recognized me, right away.
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Okay......this better be right! Here she is: Mae West! (If it's wrong, it's the fault of those film critics)
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(Late, I know)

I'm only 30, but I knew right away that Cindy was Mae West! Not sure what that says about me... Cindy, you and Bill looked GREAT!!
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