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Nikita Growth Chart

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I'm actually due to take another one of these photos now. Anyway the first photo I ever saw of Nikita was the first one of this set. It was taken by her breeder. For fun I've tried to roughly imitate that set up to take comparison pictures of her as she grows.

It's been facinating to see how much her colour has changed. I know this happens with a lot of Bengals but it's one thing to be told about it and another to see it happen.

Her belly used to be almost white

but it has darkened to mango coloured instead

Oh.. yeah it's such a hard life for a cat though isn't it?
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Oh she is just beautiful!

And what a gorgeous tummy that is!
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She's gorgeous
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She is just beautiful... so beautiful!
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Her coloring had changed quite a bit, hasn't it? She is beautiful
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She has grown from an adorable kitten to a beautiful cat!
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Great pictures! It's amazing to see how much her color has changed over time. I've almost always had black cats, which don't change much, lol.
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She is totally gorgeous - I wanna rub her tummy!!
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look at that cutie, I just wanna rub her belly she has def grown so much and those colors simply GORGEOUS
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she is a stunner! what a coat of fur!
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She is a doll baby!!!!
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there she is again that beee...uuu...tiful girlie her tummy is amazing, its so golden......aww dont ya just want to snuzzle ya face in her tummy
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