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Good News Possibly... Wish me luck!

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I've been searching for apartments/duplexes for around 6 months now! Where I live all places require that cats be declawed in the fronts (actually where I live now I snuck my cats in because of that rule)! I refuse to declaw my cats so finding a place to live has been a huge challenge. This past weekend I went to a complex and talked to the manager about my cats (the complex only allows 1 cat and it must be declawed) after explaining the situation he said I could have both cats claws and all! That is so hard to come by here (especially in an apartment) not only that but the deposit for the cats is $250 for both (usually it is $250-$300 a piece) and the monthy fee is only $10 for both (Usually here its $30-$40 a piece)! I get the deposit back once I move (minus 50 bucks for carpet cleaning)! I had been so stressed out but this place is sucumbing to my needs! I really hope I get this place, I will find out tomorrow (will be hard due to my sole income... if you are not married they make sure each applicant can afford the place on their own, my bf can but I can't) if he will accept me and my kitties! If not I'll be SOL and in need of finding a place by May 1st! Wish me luck! Hope I get it!
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I'm sending you all of the good luck vibes I have that you get the apartment.
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Thank You! I need a few good things to go right for me!
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For you.
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All the very best for tomorrow, I hope that everything goes your way. It all sounds so stressful. Good luck X
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Sending you lots of "get the apartment" vibes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If they're willing to work with you to that extent, it seems there shouldn't be a problem.

Good luck!

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lots of luck whizzing your way from Spain - I hope its YOURS !!
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Thanks guys! Would be a real shame If I didnt get the place! It shouldn't be a problem since my credit is good and so on, but i don't want to jinx myself! I hate moving this will be the fourth time I moved in a year! I need to get grounded in one spot!
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Guesss Whatttttt? I just got off the phone! I got the place yay! Thank you so much guys for all your vibes!!!!!
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That is great news for sure. Now you may rest easier not wondering where you are going to live.
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Bless you for refusing to declaw! And I'm so glad you got the place!

And where on earth is this place you live, that tries to force people to mutilate their cats? I thought it was bad here in the Dallas area, but this is beyond belief...
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Wisconsin! They are sticklers for declawing cats... Its a shame because it is so cruel! Alot of Duplexes will make exceptions but not apartment complexes! They wont even consider you using soft paws!
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And just yesterday, I was given a Wisconsin quarter and started thinking Gosh, I love cows, I love cheese, I love cold weather... maybe I should move to Wisconsin...

Well, hmph! That's not happening!

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That is great...Congrats
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You dont want to live here! It is cold here at least 9 months out of the year, people can't drive, and there isn't too much to do... Besides Summerfest, Wisconsin Dells (Noah's Ark), State Fair, and Bars! It's not as country as people think if that is what you are going for... although we do have alot of farms scattered throughout!
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