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Jack is HOME!!!!!

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Not 100% sure this is the right place to put this but jack is HOME!!!

A few hours ago my daughter came in asking for cat food and I say whats going on and she says she saw Jack in the bushes in front of our house. She said he went in the hole under the porch! I went out with some wet food (meow mix fishy crud we had for medding and stuff) and it took a while but he stuck his head out... got scared and ran back in. He did that a couple times then he started eating and I pulled the plate farther and farther away from the hole. I tried to pet him and he was flinching away from me. So I decided to just grab him by his scruff and back feet and get him into the house. He didn't like it but he's thrown bigger fits over getting medicine.

He ran right up under the futon matress in the cat room. He seemed really freaked out but started calming down pretty quick. I gave him the plate of food (figuring he's probably dehydrated at the very least) and he ate some more. Then he stopped eatting and started grooming himself. He still wouldn't come to me (still won't) but I snapped a couple pics. His face around the bottom of his cheeks looks sunken in and I wasn't sure if that was dehydration or something I never noticed before.

Two of the girls are hissing and growling at him. Whiskers sniffed his bum then seemed ok but Princess is having a fit. He doesn't seem upset by this and he wandered around sniffing and then sat up in the window.

He was very aloof after hubby and I had to give him meds for 5 days and came around fine so I hope he will now too. We were supposed to take him in tomorrow morning for his neuter but canceled it last evening so I told hubby to call the vet and see if he can still go. I don't like the idea of freaking him out more but I think it'll be best to get it all done at once then bring him home to rest and make up with him then... plus he can be looked over for injuries. I don't think we'll leave him overnight as we had planned though.

I am so happy and freaked and I don't even know what else!!! My boy is HOME!!!!!!

For those of you who have not read my intro and picture threads and don't know the beggining of the story (and want to) ...

Thank you all so much for your support!!!
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That is great!! I am glad he is home. Hopefully the vet can take him ASAP for the neuter and a check up!
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that's wonderful!!!!!! get him all checked over then spend quality snuggle time with him
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Awwww See the TCS vibes do work! I am so happy that Jack is home!
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That is awesome. Before Had was fixed she would wander and i was always glad when she came back. i'm glad your jack came back, no i was not intending for that to rhyme. lol.
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Yay! Thats wonderful that Jack's back!
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He seems fine! He has a wad of feathers stuck to his side I thought it was his fur but it's not. His face is definately thinner... he was walking around and I saw him from the normal angle I'm used to.

He won't let me pet him still but he has gone from lookin freaked when I walked in his direction to looking bored and walking away when I walk in his direction. He's napping now.

Hubby reformatted my computer so I need to find the disc for my camera program to get the pics but I'll get them later.

Thank you all so much... I am so beyond happy my boy is home!! I love my girls but there is just something about petting his big ol' head that makes me smile
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OMG that is awesome, I just read today that he got out the window
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I'm so happy he is home.I would say after a day or so, he'll calm right down.
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Yay! That`s such good news! Do you think he was under there the whole time? Poor boy!
You must be so releived!
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Oh congrats, what a relief!!!! I'm so glad he's safe and sound

Make sure he gets some good quality cat food, maybe in a few small doses for the next couple of days to help him build his strength back up, he's probably exhausted and quite hungry!
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What a relief! I'm soo glad ya'll found him! Be sure to take him to our vet for a check up and also have him dewormed just in case he picked up anything while he was loose. (a dose of Strongid should do the trick- not to mention it's inexpensive) Check him over for any scratches/abrasions and be sure to have your vet give him antibiotics if he thinks it's necessary since they could be from a cat fight/etc. Good luck!!!!! I'm soo happy the little guy is back home I bet he missed you!!!
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he had a wad of feathers stuck to his side? how on earth did he manage that?
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My daughter said she was in the front yard and a bird flew out of our hedges and jack jumped out after it. He may have found one already dead laying around the hedges and got the feathers on him from that. It's been about two weeks or so he's been gone.

I actually think he MIGHT have been under there the whole time. I was having dreams about him being under there and I had my husband check there several times (he's smaller than me). I cannot imagine how he could have been wandering around and no one see him. I looked every night too, and hubby goes to work at 4:30am. I KNEW he was under there. I crawled under that hedge today to get him though.

So the great news is hubby camd home from work and Jack was his normal old self... purring and rubbing and happy Hubby even picked him up and held him and he was fine.

I, however, am still getting the silent treatment He did let me rub his head a bit but then walked away.

Hubby says he didn't seem a whole lot lighter. I didn't think he looked like he'd lost a lot of weight.

Gonna try to get those pictures onto my comp now.

Thanks everyone!!!!!!!
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Scared (sunken in around his muzzle can be seen good here)

Eating some wet food

Jack and Daddy!!

And he finally stopped being mad at me and is back to his normal purring machine self. I petted him when hubby was holding him and he was rubbing on my leg a few minutes later.

We have not heard back from our vet yet if she has room for his neuter tomorrow but we'll take him for a check up and she will fit him in if she can, I know.

Thank you again everyone!!!
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another happy ending.
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Oh, what a handsome kitty! Even after his ordeal, he's just gorgeous. I'm so glad you went ahead and snatched him up while you could, before he slipped away again. Please give that boy a smooch from me!
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O, I am so happy that Mr. Jack is back home. Im sure(hope) things will be back to normal in a couple days.He is a gorgeous kitty
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