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Dingo Pet Treats Recalled

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I just read that they have recalled Dingo Treats. I had never heard of them. They make chicken jerky treats for cats and also make treats for dogs and ferrets. Apparently they are sold at Target and Petsmart. One dog got sick from them and they found Salmonella in them. This is really getting out of hand.
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They also sell them through Drs Foster - I bought some Dingo beef treats from them for Ginger a month or so ago, she scarfed some down then puked all over the house for the next hour. I threw them away that night.
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Here's a news story on this recall, which is unrelated to the Menu Foods/wheat gluten recall:


But I am happy to see that it only took ONE report for the company to test and recall its products:

Eight in One has received a report of a dog infected by salmonella, which lead to further testing of this product. Some, but not all, of the samples tested were contaminated.
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I tried to give these to my cats a while ago & they weren't all that thrilled with them, which is supprising because my cats will eat just about everything.
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I heard about this recall on Saturday. I feed these to my pug Maddie all of the time. Of COURSE as I was reading about it, I looked over at her, and she was chewing on one. I took it away and threw every store bought treat that we have in the trash. EVERYTHING. Cat treats too. There must have been $50 worth of treats in this house. Last night I made Maddie homemade dog biscuits. I'm watching her carefully, and so far she seems fine. We are done with regular kibble, can food and treats for now. At least until this thing is over.
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