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Help! Am I paranoid?

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Odd things are happening today.....

As Ive posted before, Olivia is pregnant and due most likely any time this week or next according to the vet. She has finally started nesting (when she can muster the energy to move) and is still eating very well.

The odd thing is Tinkerbelle, who has been spayed (but had a litter last year) is nesting too....wondering around the house looking for places it seems. She is being extra sweet to Olivia (and the other cats)..which is extremely strange...grooming them, kissing them.

Half of me is paranoid Tinkerbelle is pregnant too...but I keep telling myself SHE HAS BEEN SPAYED AGES AGO..SHE CANT BE. She has put on a weight steadily over the past few months, but she's a normal healthy weight now after giving birth April last year, I thought. She still has her nipples..but isnt that normal?

One litter fine...but not two....especially when Tinkerbelle has been spayed!!!!!

I think Im just paranoid..especially after reading a few 'spaying gone wrong' threads

So my question is can pregnancy in one cat raise maternal instincts in another spayed cat? Has anyone had any experience of this?
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~Oh for your sake I hope your Tink is not preggos. As far as nesting instincts goes...Im sure it is possible because my Yorkie has been doing the same things since Ive learned NoNo is pregnant. She eve carries her stuffed toys and puts them in her doggie bed and trys to nurse them haha. Lets hope that this is what your Tinkerbelle is doing to. Good luck with your girls.

PS Does anyone know if cats can have false pregnancys? Ive had rescue dogs that have went through it. Gained weight, nesting, even had a pretend birth. Can cats do the same?~
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Cats can have phantom pregnancies but i dont know enough to give you any credible advice im afraid, hopefully someone with more experience or advice will pick this thread up and advise you better. Maybe she is displaying symptoms in sympathy for your pregnant girl?? I'm sorry i cant be more help!
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