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Dino being a lazy old boy

That is super lazy!
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Here's my fav at the moment:

I can't figure out which paw that is, or how she got it above/through her ears!! Anyone have a clue?!!!
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LOL these pics are too funny!!

I have a few that always make me laugh.



I know I have more, will post later. Work connection is slow
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Originally Posted by Sicycat View Post

This has got to be the best one!!!! How on earth did you manage to capture that??
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These have been making me smile all day!
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I'm going to look at these at work, so I can smile all day long.
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Ever the lady Sophie

The day Rosie accepted Sophie, awwwww

In full harmony!

Rosies passing gas pose

They love each other

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LMAO at Zoey! Too funny! What cool cats you have!
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I see you!

Lets tone those muscles!

Taking the dog for a walk
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This photo was taken of Guin a year or so ago. He had been outside playing in the rain. Each time I see it, I just laugh at what a silly boy he is!!! He also looks quite evil...
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You get big props just for the Rob Zombie CD next to your kitty! Cute cats and great taste in music! Love Rob... Love his movies too! House of 1000 corpses and The Devils Rejects!
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I have lots of cute ones.... so I'll try to keep it short

Mmm...daddy's shoe is fun but it smells a little

Wickett hiding in his favorite snuggle spot

Got milk?

My kitties posing as pigs!

It's MY carrier... stay away!

My sleepy boy

Did any one order a carry out cat?!

Trying hard to stay put on daddy's lap

Ok, so theres just too many to pick from...
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Originally Posted by twstychik View Post
I have lots of cute ones.... so I'll try to keep it short

Did any one order a carry out cat?!

Ummm I ordered carry out cat and have been waiting for Wickett to arrive!!!
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Ummm I ordered carry out cat and have been waiting for Wickett to arrive!!!
Ha... I should have know. I'm more than happy to share but I'd never ever part with my baby boy. Plus, he's terrified of everything and I'm sure travel would really stress him out.
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Took a browse through my files...here are a few of my favorites that always cheer me up!

This is one reason I love shopping at home depot...look what i got!!

Annie the opera singer...

one of these kitties doesn't match the others....hmmm

I'm hiding...you can't see me...

Yoga time...

It's a hard life...sigh

Does my butt look big??

Thanks for posting your pictures...i've really needed the smiles!
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Beautiful pictures everyone!

LOL @ Sophie the lady

This first picture isn't great quality, but I love it because its the only picture I have of my three rainbow bridge kitties together. Alley, of course, with her sister Stinky, and her step-brother Smokey.

The next one always makes me laugh, Alley and her sister (cant see her face at the bottom) in their little dresses She was NOT happy about that, but she looked SO cute.

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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
This has got to be the best one!!!! How on earth did you manage to capture that??

I think she was either just starting or finishing a yawn.
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These are all SO good!!!

The ones of Zoey & Saki are priceless!!!!
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yes, he was behind the glass door.....

you could catch flies with a tongue like that!

this is what I think of you mom!

it's not a funny one, but how stinkin' cute....she loves her daddy....

back away from MY daddy woman!!!!

awwwwwwwwww, don't you just wanna kiss that little kitten face????

when we finally found out what was happening to the candy on the gingerbread house....

so cute I could just cry....

can you tell I'm not her favorite person unless it suits her?

sorry, I know there's alot of pics....but how can you choose just 1?
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OHH this is a GREAT idea but TOUGH to pick which pics to share cuz many makes me smile!!

Here's a few..

Tango practicing yoga while being modest!

Tango practicing yoga still...

Zebra cozying up to Spike & Buddy (as kittens- notice all the pillows on the floor in front of the couch, the scratching post on top of a box leading to the couch? I was being PARANOID about kittens falling from couch.. LOL..)

Zebra teaching Pepper how to steal this... LOL

Zebra & Pepper wrestling..

Heidi showing her big belly to Tango!! LOL

Heidi looking at me loving..

Spike does this ALL the time when he wants me to kiss him!

Buddy always goes crazy whenever the dvd machine opens/closes! He always try to catch it...

LAST picture but not the LEAST!! Peppy!
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Here are mine

My all time fav. of Harley & Davidson

Davidson's 1st day home

Harley's 1st bath

So tiny he could fit in a box!

Bayley learning how to read

And just being a sweetie pie
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THREE MORE PICS- sorry about this..

Zebra snuggling with Buddy (rare Buddy will let anyone cuddle with him except for me and Spike.. LOL)

RARE pic of MOST of my cats together! Only cat missing is Heidi- she refuses to come out of the bedroom..

This is Sammy (cat) kneading on Tess (dog)- they're my parents' pets!
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I swear I didn't spill the garbage, Meowmy!

More on the way!
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Don't come too close, I know kung fu.

Buah! Told you.

Watching TV.

Excuse me?

Mmm, Raisin Bran

Ahhhh, two headed cat.


You can't seeeee meeee.

Mmmm, cold and refereshing.
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A few more....

My RB kitty, B.C.

Spaz and B.C. posing for their Christmas pics.

Baby Spaz
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Sorry I know there are a lot.... I just can never decide which ones I like more....

Loki: I didn't do it this time I promise Mum....

Mozart: Wake me up again... I dare you...

Gizmo: Mmmmm I love clean clothes....

I lost a cat...

Found him...

Loki: Come on Giz lets go make trouble.....

Mishif chasing Loki....

OddBall: I'm gonna get one this time...

OddBall: Missing fish??? Who would do such a thing!!!

OddBall: Think thin and I'll fit....

Nick: What?? I'm drooling again???

Baby makes a nice belt don't you think???
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Great pics here! I laughed all the way through!
Heres a few of Maia. One in toilet paper.....

Maia in her toy bowl...

CeCe in the fridge...

Maia as a kitten in the dust pan...

Sweety resting her head...

RIP Sweety
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Old picture of Sho in a hat

Before the kitten tornado strung packing peanuts all over the room

From the other day
.... look who's lurking

Sho, looking pudgy

There was a third picture with Sho grooming himself in that position and Tomas giving him a weird look, didn't know if I should post it considering what Sho was grooming.
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OMG i've got the giggles looking at all of these I must have looked at all of them 3-4 times already this morning
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