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I am not a happy camper

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I have to work on my day off tomorrow. My boss didn't even give me much choice she walked upto me and said that she needed me to work and didn't really sound like it was optional. And she said that maybe once she gets the new people trained, two of ours quit, she would give me an extra day off somewhere. I sure hope so I get worn out just working my normal hours because my job is not much of a picnic. Oh well I guess as long as they pay me my overtime it will be okay, they didn't pay it last time I worked over.
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Just think of the "shopping spree" you can go on with the overtime $. I don't like to have to work on my days off either, but once I am there it's gets to be OK, and then when I get paid the overtime, it then was great!
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i hope they you do get your days off.
a little rest is a good thing to have.
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Originally Posted by Tavia'smom View Post
as long as they pay me my overtime it will be okay, they didn't pay it last time I worked over.
It's against the law to not pay overtime for hours in excess of your normal work week.

You should make sure in advance that you are going to get overtime, or if that "day off" sometime in the future is going to be the payback for you working tomorrow.

When I worked in office-type jobs and I did overtime I always asked to bank the hours so that I could take days off here and there in the future. It worked out better because when you get paid overtime wages most of it gets eaten up by taxes. I remember once I worked something like 16 hours overtime and my pay cheque was actually LESS than it normally was because it put me in a whole different tax bracket which raised my income tax. It was after that that I started to bank my overtime hours. Unfortunately as a nurse we can't do that because of our contract.
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Defintely check Gail to make sure your going to get paid!
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I agree, you can't NOT pay your employees for their earned wages. I'd ask about them if I were you. Both for now and for the last time you should've gotten paid for them and didn't.
If they aren't going to pay you for OT, then, well, sorry you can't work. Noone should work for free unless they are the suckers called salaries! (of which I am one ) Then they have no choice.
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Well they pay me but they seem to figure out ways to get out of paying overtime and to pay us straight time pay. And when you point it out they have some reason why it was not overtime.
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Do you fit the following:

This section does not apply to employees of retail stores engaged in work connected with selling, purchasing and distributing merchandise, wares, goods, articles or commodities, or to employees of restaurant, hotel and motel operations, to employees as defined and exempted from the overtime provision of the Fair Labor Standards Act in sections 213(b)(1), 213(b)(10) and 213(b)(17) of Title 29, U.S.C.
If so, they may be handling things legally. If not, I'd keep very good track of what hours I worked and when, and then be ready with it because overtime pay is required to be one and a half times your normal salary, unless you fit the above.

This is for the state of Kentucky.
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As far as I've ever known, anything over 40 hours is time and a half pay.
I'd tell them you want your OT or you want a different day off. That's a load of bunk!
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I am a nurse's aide. And this is in Kentucky and I watch my hours. But this is the same place who stopped by wipes for the residents and cut the kitchen down to a budget of $500 a week for 60 residents and will not hire enough help for us to do our job properly is the reason why I am going next week to my cousins and going to try really hard to get my drivers liscences and find a job else where. But back to the overtime they are really good at wreasling out of it. But I they get tired of me because I make them pay me for all of my time and I always call them on my overtime. But the last time I worked over they said they couldn't pay me overtime because I had been on vacation but only one day out of that week was vacation time and then I worked over. By second day of that week I had worked 24 hours because of pulling a double. And they said they don't pay overtime if you have vacation in the same week. And that worries me because next week I am taking five days off so I can work on my drivers liscences.
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I think you need to call your state attorney general's office and see what they have to say about these practices. It doesn't sound like this place is doing right by its employees or its patients.
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I know how you feel. We had yet another person resign at work so we are currently looking for 3 people in an office of less than 15 people so I am doing portions of 2 other jobs not includeing mine. So are a couple of the other people I work with trying to pick up the slack. I havn't had a day off since New years, i'm begining to get burned out.

Feel better hun, it will all work out in the end. At least you are making yourself invaluable.
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