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Aggresive cat - Help!

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Max has always been a bit of a devil. I like that, I like how naughty he can be, its part of his personality, its part of what makes him My Max.
But lately (this past month) he's become unbearable. He's a 5yr male cat [fixed], he's my only "boy" all my other cats are female but all of them have been fixed too.

The problem:
He's picking fights, chasing my other cats, biting, swating, cornering them. This hapens multiple times a day. I don't know what to do anymore.
He's always been that way.. it happened here and there but now its 2 or 3 times a day.. it gets worse at night.

His main target is Sheeba, my "new" cat. A stray I adopted last october. He was never aggresive with her until recently. Now he hates her with passion. I do not understand why his behaviour changed, he used to ignore her or sniff at her.. but now he looks around for her just to pick a fight.
It can't be jealousy because with Sheeba I can't cuddle or spend alot of time, she's a cat thats been through some hard times so any petting or cuddling is on her terms, not mine. She spends most of the days by herself minding her own business.

Sheeba has been fixed too (in case you're wondering )

The way I deal with the fights is by giving Max a time out (its 5 minutes) in a room. It used to work but now it doesn't. Now as soon as I open the door he goes running outside to pick a fight with the first cat he sees. Before, I would end up finding him laying on my bed perfectly calm after the time out.
I've tried removing him without locking him in a room but its useless. He just goes running back to find another cat to bite or corner.

We are moving houses which I suppose causes stress in cats, I already took Max to the vet for a check-up. He's healthy, a little overweight (he's on a diet now) but other than that everything seems fine.
Right now there hasn't been alot of change in my house, there's a few packed boxes but in general the environement is still the same.
I'm worried once the big day comes along (mid april) Max may become even more aggresive.

I don't know how to calm him.
Can't even pet him without being bitten.
All my other cats run away as soon as they see him..
is this because he's the only male? I really don't understand why he's such a bully and why he's getting worse lately.

Any thoughts, advice, suggestions are appreciated.
ways to deal with his behaviour, possible reasons why he may be acting this way, your own experience if you've ever gone through something similar. I appreciate everything, I really need help with him..
I want my little devil to calm down. He's so angry.
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I wish I had some answers for you, but sadly I dont. I am sure that one these lovely cat people on this site will have some words of wisdom for you so hang in there. Its obvious that you love him and I am sure there will be a way forward.
I know its not the same but i can sympathise as my last cat Skittles was not the most sociable of creatures. She would walk past my then 6 year old daughter and take a swipe at her and run off. She thought nothing of hissing, biting and scratching. She would redeem herself every now and then and I would remember why I loved her, but man she was hard work some days! I tried everything but just accepted that it was just the way she was. Mind you I didnt have other cats in the house that she could terrorise.
Wishing you cat harmony XXxxXX
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One of my cats, Kit was an indoor/outdoor cat for the first year or so of her life. Her mother was a stray and she was born in my flowerbed. I've always kept my cats indoors but due to where we were living she had to remain indoor/outdoor until I moved to my present location four years ago and I made her full time indoors.

She still longs to be outside. Given her experience outdoors (she's quite savvy about it) I really wouldn't mind letting her go out some but we live in the middle of a mid-sized city and the best I can do is provide supervised trips to our backyard or allow the cats time on our screened-in porch.

Recently I've had to limit these sessions as she gets frustrated. She wants to be out but she's become afraid of it. She goes back and forth until I take everyone in. Then, from anger and frustration, she attacks the nearest cat. She calls me names, but keeps her claws and teeth to herself when it comes to me. Hemmy can usually handle anything she dishes out but poor Friday is such a wimp. It hurts his feelings.

Naturally, I do not let her attack them. I typically have to calm her down before I allow her to be in the same room with them. As nasty as she can be and as much as I want to fuss at her for her actions I've found that if I talk calmly to her it can help to quell her anger. Cat nip can also serve as a distraction to her.

Your cat sounds more severe than my own, however. I wonder when his actions began to change in relation to your decision to move and how long after the new cat came into your home that these behaviors began. It is possible that one or a combination of these issues have causes the change in him. Discerning whyhe's acting this way is the first step to changing his behavior. Though, there is the possibility that the move itself could serve to distract him and cause him to behave differently.

In the meantime, pick up some Feliway if you can. It will help calm all of your cats before the move. To build a little unity among your cats you can try bathing them all with the same shampoo so they smell the same and have silky, shiny coats. If bathing them is more than you want to tackle, many other posters suggest using drops of vanilla extract on your cats to neutralize their scents. I haven't yet tried this myself but these people know what they're talking about so I'm certain it will work! (I can't wait for a reason to try that by the way.)

One final idea, have a cat play time. Get some favorite toys, cat nip, boxes, laundry baskets, throw a blanket over a chair. Put the cat nip in toys, everywhere. Let them play 'till they're exhausted. My cats get along so much better after these play sessions.
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