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What happened to Jeanie G.??????

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Has anyone else noticed that Jeanie has been MIA for the last few days? I hope everything is ok.
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Now that you mentioned it I noticed she's been missing. I hope everything is ok. Come back Jeanie!! We miss you!!

Even if it's only been a couple of days.
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Jeanie! Buddy! Where are you?

Actually, I have noticed she's been gone too. I sure hope this doesn't mean there was trouble with little Taylor. (That's our nervous smilie, BTW, in case you couldn't tell )

We miss you Jeanie!
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I think Jeanie is OK, she was having trouble with her computer, and someone was going to look at it for her.
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I received an email from her tonight. She was/is having computer problems. She definately is missed! Personally, I am used to reading something from her on a daily basis. I'm going through withdrawl!!! Hurry back Jeanie!
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Thanks Brenda and Ghys!
I'm glad you guys knew about the computer problems. I got used to reading her posts on a daily basis too, which is why I noticed when she wasn't here.
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Ghys!! Me too!!!! JEANIE HURRY BACK!!!! And no more lame excuse like "my computer isn't working"!!!!
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I think she just got it fixed (she posted about it in the mods lounge) so she should be back soon!
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I remembered last night that she was having computer problems. That doesn't mean that we don't miss her, though!
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I think she had her computer fixed - let's all keep our fingers crossed! She put up a post in the feral forum last night, so if her computer is fixed, she must simply be time-constrained. I really can't imagine how far behind I'd be if I didn't have a computer for a few days!

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I got an email from her today, it sounds like her computer is working again.
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How nice that you are thinking of me! I was miserable without the computer, even missed looking up all the newspapers in PA! That's bad! It's really nice of all of you to ask about me. Taylor is up to nine pounds, by the way, and is doing well. As for e-mails? I had 90 to check, and I did that last night. Moderators get duplicates if the post has anything to do with a mod's problem, though, so I had to check each one, not answer each.

I'm so glad to be back!!
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Welcome back party for Jeanie!

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Hey Jeanie - glad to have you back and to hear all is going well with the family.

It's take you ages to catch up on all the goss here though!
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That's for sure, Yola!
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It's good to have you with us again Jeanie!

Happy Halloween!!!!

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Good to see you again Jeanie! I've been dying to know what happens to our Jessica, Mark and Phillipe. (hint, hint )
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I was behind almost a week in my Pennsylvania newspapers, Heidi, and thought I should try to catch up. I hate to make a committment and not live up to it.
I've been doing one heck of a lot of thinking about what Jessica (our hero(ine) and her two good-looking friends are going to do next! Believe me! Tomorrow, I will definitely get busy. I like to write several times a week.
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Uh Oh she's back, dive for cover everyone
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You're first, BuNN!
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