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Middie keeps licking her abdomen and her Goodies, every couple of minutes and i checked her Goodies and theres a bit of cloudy fluids, along with sensitivity. What could this mean.. i know i read something about this somewhere but for the life of me i can't remember, possibly because i am sleepless for 2 days now worried about her, i'm constantly by her side.. I DON'T EVEN EAT.. lol i just want her to be better..
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Sounds like she's very close.My cat went into labour about an hour after i noticed the cloudy discharge!Not that i'm saying its about to happen....dont panic!!

By the way Goodies didnt half make me smile
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Originally Posted by fudge's mum View Post
By the way Goodies didnt half make me smile
Me too!

I have no advice but just wanted to send some vibes for a nice smooth and uneventful delivery and healthy kits.
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Clarification if it will help....

Licking abdomen shows that she's clearing the area of fur to make it easier for the kittens to suckle.

Licking her "goodies" (love that too!) shows that she's getting ready to deliver!!!
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OMG that is great. gave me a good laugh

Yes that is her clearing the hair away from her goodies...and from what i read in some other post. Discharge would actually be the milk, if so then you have 24 hours to 1 week. I think thats what i read.if not someone correct me please.

I am also learning about pregnat cats. Azella is a stray i found around march 4 and she is really round. babys are very obviously moving. I am getting ready to be a grandma soon too.

I have always had spayed cats never prego ones. I also have had reared 4 when i found them at a shelter.So i know about babys too

I hope all goes well for u and mamma kitty
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Hey everyone.. Thanks for the advice.. I needed to say "goodies" it was to cute to pass up.. anyhow.. thank you for everything i really apprecaite it, i think i'm gonna try to get some sleep now.. lol..

thank you again
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according to what the pros above have said its gonna be soon!! how exciting! i bet you are pacing.
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