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Oh No

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Well my cat is an outdoor cat and she is quite pregnant right now so I want her to stay inside. Anyways, she has been meowing at the front door for about an hour, now and I live in an apartment building and I will get in a lot of trouble if she doesn't stop soon. I tried bringing her in my room with me and closing the door so she would have no front door to whine at but now she's just meowing at my bedroom door. It's getting very loud and nothing can distract her and if I look at her, she thinks she's caught my attention and will meow louder. I took out the laser pointer for to chase for a bit and it did distract her and she's on the prowl right now for the red dot, but I know this won't last very long!
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Hmm.. what i would do is get a can of wet food or puch is you prefer, and feed her, that'll keep her busy for a little while, enough time for you to think of another solution. maybe bring some sort of toy with catnip on it out for her..

good luck sorry i'm not much help.
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aww I am sorry about that, do you think she is close to having her babies and is looking for someone to nest ?
maybe you could provide her a box with a towel so she can go in, that might settle her a bit

Keep us posted !
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When is she due? It could be she is looking for a nesting spot and considering she is an outdoor cat she is looking for what she is used to. I would put her in a room with a box or basket with some towels. Put her litter box in the same room. give her a can of tuna to distract her but if she is closed to having them she may not eat. I would just sit with her and rub her and comfort her so she knows she isnt alone and will be okay. She may have already made a nesting spot outside somewhere and is trying to get to that area. Good luck I hope she does okay!
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If she is about ready to give birth, then you can purchase or borrow a large dog crate with all her things in it. Cover it most of the way with a towel or blanket so it seems safe and secure and she will probably be fine to have them there. Plus you won't have to risk her getting outside again and having her babies out there. Once she has them please be sure to keep her inside until she can be spayed so that she doesn't have to have any more unwanted litters.
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All good advice! And you might also put on some relaxing music to camouflage her meows... and tuck towels around the cracks in the door, to keep the sound-leakage to a minimum...

Hoping she and her babies will do fine!
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Okay this is pretty embarassing but everybody seems concerned so I will post this for your benefit. Normally she doesn't have an issue with being inside if I make her stay so I was pretty confused about her behaviour. She started acting really strangely after and like panting and I was very worried and well...

she uhhh...

well she went on the desk and then uhm had a bowel movement..

it was basically the grossest thing I've ever seen...

I didn't know why she refused to use the litter box and wanted to go outside to do it but I think it may because I had another cat over for a while and he used her litter box and I didn't change the litter but just scooped out his stuff.

Yeah so uhhh case closed.

Anyways I have more questions so I'm off to be a post-whore and make another thread.
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Yeah, switch the litter; scrub the box (enzymatic cleaner should get rid of the other-cat smell)... she's intimidated by the other cat's smell, and her nose is way more sensitive than yours. Or you can say "fussy"; that works too. :P

Cats make us crazy sometimes, don't they?

Hope the birth goes OK!
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