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Dancing Horse (Video)

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A friend sent me this link. It left me speechless. That is one smart and talented horse! You need to have the sound turned on.
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I believe it's called dressage. It's beautiful... I love horses and riding them, too... although I don't do it often. Thanks for the video.

The horsie looks like he's having a truly great time! Too cute!
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Headbanging horse! And Skipping horse! All in time, too! It was awesome. You guys should watch it. I can't imagine the training it took to teach that horse those intricate steps... so cool.
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That was pretty cool!!!
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Beautiful big blue mare was thoroughly enjoying herself.
I've always love dressage, but it would take a huge horse for me......I don't remember seeing any draft or draft crosses doing dressage.
I think the Friesians are the thickest legged horses I've seen compete.
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That's was awesome. I had to lol @ Lady Marmalade though!

Dressage is a sight to behold. It's beautiful.
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His tail was even in time to the music. hehe
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One of the best freestyles I've ever seen - Horse looks like she's having a ball

Would've loved to see it live!
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Wow! That was great!
I used to do dressage though not to that standard. Seeing things like that make me really miss working with horses
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I had to watch that again! Such a beautiful horse and she really did look like she was having a blast. Those ears and that tail were dancing along with the rest of her.

There were other videos of "dressage" at that link to in the side menu. I have only watching this one with "Matinée" at least I think that is what I heard them call her.

Here is "Shadow Storm":
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Watch some of the Friesians doing dressage (they are the shorter, pitch black horses with the thick necks and wavy mane & tail).
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