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the Daily Thread Tuesday 4-3

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Morning cat peeps!

Man, is this weather crazy or what? 80 today, 50 tomorrow, freezing twmps at night?

I saw we all go join the circus....

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Another day off after working my fingers to the bone. Have been too busy celebrating Epona's birthday to post on tcs so intend to make up for it today

Never been to the circus- doesn't really appeal.
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Good morning everyone, coffee is ready
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Gotta go and get ready to greet the little rug rats, I hope everyone here has a great day, C U when I get home this evening.

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Morning All! I am a teacher on Spring Break this week so I am free to do what I want. Today a former student of mine is coming over with her mother for lunch. Other than that I am just chilling out. Coffee sounds good - I think I may go fix some of that for myself as well.
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Good morning all. A little ggrivated this morning. Lee did everythin g he could to push my buttons this morning! For some reason that is fun to him! But back to work and the computer is working fine so I can be productive!
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Good morning!

I'm up for yet another long day. Now all I need to do is wake up
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Originally Posted by silentNate View Post
Never been to the circus- doesn't really appeal.
Good morning, time to head for home!!!!
and same here, never been. and now they hold no appeal for me.
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That moanin' and groanin' is me this morning. The weather change is making my back ache. I'd still be in bed if I didn't have to pee.

Mom says her Uncle Fee was in a circus. Did slack rope walking and riding a motorcycel in a barrel. After marrying mom's aunt, he became a farmer and a preacher. One day, in his barn, he had to get from one loft to another. So he strung a rope up and used it - until Aunt Minerva caught him! So it came down.
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Morning all... just anohter day, headed to work in awhile here. I'm getting a cold... and I feel like crap, so hopefully I can come home around noon after training today... blech

Have a good day everyone
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Morning all. Sunny for now here, but expecting some rain sometime today. I have a few appointments to go to today and I need some new work shoes, so a little bit of shopping, but then spend the rest of the day at home. Kenz I am sorry that your not feeling well. Get better soon <<vibes>> are coming your way.
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Afternoon all.
I'm up watching my Crossing Jordan that I taped since it's not on today until after I go to work.

It's rainy and yucky here today.
Hubby and I are thinking about putting a bid in on a house. It's in a nice location and he's excited about it.

Have a great day everyone. I owe, I owe, it's off to work we go...
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