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Hi - I'd like to leave a general message to let people know how i am doing with minky, the stray cat who i started trying to 'adopt' about a year ago. I'd especially like to thank hissy and debra for the help and encouragement they gave me at very stressful times. Well It's good news. I think the last time I wrote i was having trouble getting him to a vet as the rspca would not help as i could not prove he didn't belong to anyone else. I still have not managed to do this as he will not let me pick him up. But he does give me so much love now . He climbs all over me and loves to sit on my lap. He is constantly nuzzling me and stays in our house as much as he can. The only trouble i have is how to litter train him. We live in a rented house with no cat flap so he has to go out to his shed at night. I haven't put him a cattery when we go away as i feel this would really distress him as he is not good with people but our neighbour puts food in his shed.
I am trying to get him a carrier by putting his food in there and will one day just have to get him to the vet and let him deal with him - a scary thought. If anyone is having trouble with a new or aggressive cat, I'dlike to let people know how much can be achieved with a bit of persistence. In a year Minky has gone from a cat who hisses and spits and swipes and runs away to a cat who sits on the bed as close to my face as he can, purring and nuzzling. My other cat still hates him and swipes/chases him but not all of the time. Thanks to the people on the site who offered their encouragement - it was much appreciated.