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Luigi - the mouse...

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Do you guys think it's true that just the scent of a cat in the house will scare away a mouse?? or is it that they are scared that they'll get eaten?? cuz I have a mouse in my house... which is one of the reasons I didnt want to wait until I got a kitten...
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Well, here's what happened to a friend of mine:

Bright and early the morning after moving into a new house, Gary strolled out to the kitchen to start the coffeemaker and found a big grey mouse standing up on its back legs in the middle of the kitchen floor. The mouse was completely unintimidated -- just stood there and stared Gary down.

Gary stared back, pondering how to handle this little intruder. Finally, it occurred to him: Hey, I have a cat!

So Gary went back to the bedroom, gathered up his sleepy black longhaired boycat, and unceremoniously dumped him on the floor a few feet from the mouse. "There you go, cat!" said Gary, pointing. "Natural prey! Do your thing!"

The cat blinked a few times, made a half-hearted loop around the thoroughly-unimpressed mouse, and padded lazily back to bed.

So I think the answer to your question is probably no, darn it.

And the moral of the story is: Cats do not work for their keep. Especially not at six o'clock in the morning!
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That's funny...
upsetting but funny... cuz I was hoping that getting a cat would mean the mice would run away...
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