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People Food?!?!?! Help

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I have a 4 month old kitten who since day one of me owning him, absolutely refuses cat food. I have tried every kind, every flavor, he only wants baby food. A friend suggested I just put down the kitten chow and let him wait it out- it has been 4 days and he is following me around, jumping on the dining table trying to steal food during meals when a bacj is turned- HELP??????
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I don't know that I would feed baby food his entire life. Kitty needs the nutrients found in good quality food. Have you tried mixing the baby food with the dried- and are you using the specialty brands and not the grocery store kind? If you kitty has truly not eaten anything in four days, you best get him to the vets quickly. He could have some major complications show up overnight and then you will be faced with a much more serious problem. Good luck!
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Actually- I gave in last night and gave him tuna. I just really would like to know a way to get him to eat his crunchy food too. I know he needs it for his teeth.

Thanks for the reply Hissy-
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Ohhh.... Tuna!!!

I thought tuna was a BIG no no for cats

(I've given Cooper tuna water only!)

Maybe another "cat expert" can clairfy!
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From what I understand, large amounts of tuna are bad but an occasional treat is OK. As long as it's not like a daily thing. Especially in this situation, I think it's better for kitty to eat SOMETHING, even if it equates to kitty junk food.

If kitty likes tuna, try soaking his food in tuna water to entice him to eat it. Worth a shot anyway!
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Yes, sure, now that Ijust spent $15 on tuna at the market. I can't feed this cat babyfood- it goes right through him. I was even mixing it with baby cereal to make it sit longer in his tummy. Things were getting way too expensive.

I mixed the tuna water into some of his crunchy food- he ate around them and left them in the dish. Please- does anyone out there have a better idea?????
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Have you tried giving him KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement)? If he will drink that, soak the dry food in it and make it into a mush (so he can't eat around it). Also, there is a thread with a recipe for Kitten Glop, and a few other recipes for kitties. You may want to try to get him to eat Kitten Glop since it is more nutritious than tuna.

Kitten Glop Recipe
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Have you tried canned cat food? If he wont eat the dry...canned cat food (if he will eat it) would be alot healthier than tuna or other people foods.
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