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New Foster kittens!

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Well, since the Parvo is officially gone and it's spring time, we've got our next batch of foster kittens! A total of 7, though 2 of them appear to be about 2-3 weeks older than the other 5. The younger litter is estimated to be 4 weeks old. All we really know is that they were found in a box behind an apartment building 2 days ago, the vet took a look at them and said they seem healthy, so they're with us to make sure they stay that way. I'll post pics in the picture section and put a link here!
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Here are the Pictures!!!
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Oh, they are all adorable! It's officially kitten time
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yes it is offical but unfortunate that Kitten time is here, but my god i am such a sucker for the all black kitties!! BEAUTIFUL babies!!
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I want one! LOL where do you live?

They are SO precious!
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They are absolutely gorgeous!!!
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They are truly darling!! Thank you for taking care of them!
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Yay, well just for a general report, Day 1 went pretty well. I brought them home and dragged that huge crate upstairs and got them set up in that. They're so good at using the litterbox, only a few accidents outside of it! But they're not so good at covering up after they go, luckily one of the kittens seems to go in there and cover everyone else's stuff. They all ate the wet food I put down and lapped up the KMR that I mixed with dry food. They tuckered themselves out playing in the new cage and were all sleeping in a cat pile when I gave them their night food. But this morning all the wet food and dry food (with KMR) was eaten! Fed them again this morning. The little black one is one of the runts so I feed him outside the cage with the little orange one to make sure they get their share.

We bought a kitchen scale but these guys are so rowdy I don't think we can get them to stay still long enough for an accurate reading. We'll have a nice digital one, but not for 2 months. Tonight they get to come out of their cage and play in the bathroom with us, giving them an opportunity to really run around and giving us an opportunity to clean their cage. Will keep you all updated!
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new pics up!
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Question: How long should the diarrhea last? I expected it since I switched them to Wellness wet food from whatever lower quality the Humane Society was feeding them (maybe A&D? something like that).

They're all eating a ton and I'm making sure to feed the black and orange ones by themselves for a little bit to make sure they're getting plenty (since they're the runts), but these 2 are the only ones with bad diarrhea. Everyone else adjusted very quickly and their poop looks normal. The runts poop is clear, bloody, or super runny, just brown diarrhea.
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no answers yet???
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i have never switched cold turkey so i dont really have any answers for you. but i would think maybe a few days , but keep an eye on them as you dont want them becomming dehydrated. and in stead of free feeding the 2 little ones , maybe just give a small amount 4 times a day.
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Well, we've had them a week, when we got them, we didn't have a scale, but the Humane Society told us everyone (except for the 2 older ones, which are currently well over 2 lbs so we're not weighing them daily) was around 14-15 ounces except for the 2 runts, which were closer to 12 ounces. Here are the current weights

Milo (orange tabby, runt) 14.5
Lightning - 1lb 3
Thunder - 15
Bullseye - 1lb 3
MC (black runt, see post about kitten not gaining weight) - 11
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Ok, so everyone had gained last night except for little MC and Thunder. We also noticed that Thunder has diarrhea and it appeared that he may have a bit of blood in his stool. Is a vet visit in order for this little guy now? He's eating fine and hasn't lost any weight, but he hasn't gained either and that diarrhea is worrying me.

Update on MC, gave him the 10cc of subQ fluids and he's been eating a TON but still hasn't gained. He goes back to the vet tomorrow after more subQ fluids today and maybe a weight gain. Maybe I'll just throw Thunder in the carrier and bring them both.

Everyone else is doing great though, the 2 old ones are well over 2lbs. Milo, the orange tabby that was a runt has hit 1lb. Lightning and Bullseye are up to 1lb 4 oz.
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yea i think it would be wise to take him along with you while your up there just for a check. good luck at the vets , and there weights are sounding good.
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Oh my gosh, they are just so darn precious!!! I can't wait till our kittens get a little older and we can start interacting with them. They are only 4 days old right now!
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tasha, thanks for responding so quickly! Their weights have all jumped up since we've been mixing the KMR in with their wet food and everyone (including little MC) is eating the dry food in between their wet food feedings now!

I'm worried about him b/c when the vet looked at him on Monday she said she's worried since he's not showing us any other symptoms other than his lethargie (after feedings, since I took him to the vet before his feeding and he was a monster since he was hungry!) and not gaining weight. He's even got solid poop. She gave me that "sometimes all the care in the world isn't enough" speech which always breaks my heart.
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aw im sorry , heres hoping they have some better news when you go back to the vets
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ok, well last night the weights looked a little odd, but it could be b/c FI dropped the scale.

Milo ~ 1lb
Thunder ~ 1lb (yay, up 1 oz!)
Bullseye ~ 1 lb 4 oz.
Lightning ~ 1 lb 2 oz. (down 2 oz. from yesterday?)
MC ~ 12 oz (up 1 oz.)

Thunder and MC are going to the vet today. MC got his last dose of subQ fluids yesterday and finally gained an ounce but is still SO lethargic after eating. Before eating he's become more active, crying very loudly and playing with the other kittens, but after he eats he just wants to lay around for hours. Thunder is the one with diarrhea and possibly some blood in his stool, he's super active all the time. Both are eating great, and MC's stool is still solid. I'm slightly concerned about Lightning's drop in weight but he's still really active and eating a bunch so it's possible that his weight from the previous day was after he had eaten dry food since that's out all the time (I weigh them every night between 8 and 9 before a wet food feeding).

I've also been weighing Thunder and MC after the wet food weighings just to get an idea of how much their eating, they both get a wet food/KMR/dry food mixture while the others are more on a wet food/dry food mixture and the dry food is down all the time (as well as a bowl of dry soaked with water, which they LOVE). They've both been gaining about 2-3 oz. after feedings, does that sound right?
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im not sure how much they normally weigh after feeds as iv always done it before . but then iv not had a problem with kittens not gaining weight before.
but thats good news his put on a little bit of weight , better then loseing it.
good luck at the vets today and i hope everything turns out for the best.
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How was the vet visit??
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The vet visit went pretty well. MC had gained a total of 2 oz. since Monday (not too bad but not as good as the vet would like) so he's now up to 12.8 oz. Our little girl, Thunder, who had the diarrhea with a little blood in her stool is at 15.8 oz and everyone else is over 1lb.

The vet had me reworm everyone yesterday (except for MC b/c he was rewormed on Monday) and just told me to keep a close eye on MC. The good news is that he's been a lot more active lately, last night he was starting to wrestle with the other kittens more!

We also learned that we're gonna have to give up our 2 older females soon. They wanted them in on Sat. but Monday is the 2 week mark since we got them and they'd like to wait that long, plus I really think they're helping the younger ones thrive. So we're going to take them back Thurs. next week (that way they won't be in the shelter too long since they'll hopefully be adopted on Saturday).

Ok, now my question. I rewormed everyone yesterday and last night EVERYONE had diarrhea, is this normal? I'm pretty sure I've given the advice before that it's normal (since wormer is kinda a poison) but I want to make sure.

Thanks, I'll be sure to post new pics soon!
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Originally Posted by Jaclyn4238 View Post
yes it is offical but unfortunate that Kitten time is here, but my god i am such a sucker for the all black kitties!! BEAUTIFUL babies!!
You and me both! Love that little blue eyed rascal!
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They are so cute
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I posted new pictures under the pics only section, just continued from my thread before.

There's a detailed update under my diarrhea post, but basically, everyone's doing pretty well. MC is more active, but still only 13 oz. Everyone else is over a pound! The two older females go back to the shelter to get adopted this week.
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Oh, they're adorable! And lots of kudos for taking these kitties in.
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