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Panic time!!!

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Ok, I think I am officially switching to "panic mode" now.

Until today, I thought that I had one paper due on the 20th, two on the 27th and my thesis due at the end of the month.

Turns out I was way off.
Two of my term papers are due on the 20th and one of the 24th. The one that is due on the 24th, I have to hand in a draft around the 15th.
my thesis is due on the 17th!!!

Good news is, my prof REALLY liked the draft to my thesis and didn't ask me to do more research. I just need to re-work the intro and conclusion and clean up some of the writing.

But the two papers that are due on the 20th are NOT ready at all. I'm still very much in "research" mode, not even close to "writing" mode yet.

So what am I doing writing on this forum instead of working?

Maybe I ought to start drinking coffee
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You are on the site to get the wonderful magic that this board can do for you..Good luck and calming <<vibes>> are coming your way. You can do it.
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Earliest is due April 17th? I majored in English and by the time I got to my Senior year, I did all my papers the night before. You've got loads of time, yet!

My most insane paper-writing experience: Film class. I lost my assignment sheet describing the paper topics, so I just went off what he reviewed in class. Wrote the paper 2 days in advance and turned it in a week before finals. At the final exam (my last of the quarter), the TA took me into the hall and showed me my graded paper. He had to give me an "F" because my topic was way off base from what he wanted. He gave me until the next morning at 8 am to write a new one with the proper argument. I churned out that paper (7-10 pages) in a whirlwind overnighter and turned the paper in exactly at 8 am. Got an "A". Sweet! I knew I deserved my Cum Laude!
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Yikes, I'm glad I'm not in school any more

Send vibes your way though. I hope you get them in on time and get great grades on them!
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I just wanted to let you know you'll get through it! I mailed my thesis in to my reader today, so I won't see it for another month! Then in JUNE I graduate with my masters!

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What are you studying?
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that you are busy with those papers, Wormy!
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
What are you studying?

Thanks everyone for the encouragement. Hopefully I'll get lots of work done today.
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