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Wednesday DT

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How is everyone today? I am surviving, but I pretty much lost my voice about an hour ago. I am talking to my clients in a whisper. My phone mic is right up to my mouth. Hubby should be happy that I won't be talking tonight when I get home!

Tomorrow night should be fun as hubby will have to hand out the candy for a change - normal I set up a table and a comfy lawn chair so the cats don't have to get freaked by the kids. I get to stay nice and warm (going to be very cold tomorrow). I can watch Survivor! I will be nice and bring him a beer or cup of tea - his choice.

I can't wait for home time!
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I swear, people are true idiots today! The roads this morning were OK, not great but better than last night when they were sheets of ice. People were driving like they were bone dry, tailgating and whipping out in front of others. I'm suprised anyone is still alive. Then we get to the phone calls I've been taking today. Example: I say "He's not in the office, would you like his voice mail?" He says: "Yes. Tell him that Dave called and blah, blah, blah." GRRRR! Just one of those days I guess. I'll be happy for home time too Ady!

Don't know how many kids we'll get for Halloween. It is unbearably cold. I don't think we've even hit 20 degrees (F) yet today. It's supposed to be a bit warmer tomorrow, but not by a whole lot.
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80 and sunny. Did some errands, today. Halloween party, tonight. I'll post pix ASAP.

The traffic, here, isn't much better. In my travels, today, passed two fender-benders. There is no excuse for this, on a clear, sunny day. I got behind some idiot, who couldn't decide which driveway to turn into. Of course, no turn signal, either. He was doing about 15, in a 35-mile zone and kept starting to turn and, at the last second, swerve back in front of me. The left lane was a steady stream so, I couldn't get around him. After 4 or 5 tries, he got the right one. Dratted snowbird!
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Today was one of those days when I shouldn't have gotten out of bed. Everything went wrong, and I feel terrible. Headache, achy, runny nose. Not to mention a bit light-headed from donating blood yesterday. Was late to work... had to wait almost 10 minutes for an elevator. One was stuck at my floor, with people trapped inside. I'm terrified of elevators to begin with, and thank goodness I wasn't on that one! Got to my desk, discovered my juice had leaked all over inside my bookbag. Had a lake inside it, with juice all down my backside as well ;( Spent over 30 minutes trying to dry everything. I'm going to the gym after dinner, then going to bed!
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