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Hi guys Haven't been around much,but i now have a new dilemma!!
I have taken in another unwanted cat,Lily.She is a real beauty,pure white with odd eyes.She is deaf.Well i have had her vet checked,frontlined and wormed and booked for her spay in 3 weeks time.At the moment she is upstairs and fudge and kittys are downstairs.Lily and Fudge were introduced and Lily growled like a dog and hissed at Fudge...whereas Fudge was friendly.Anyway Fudge keeps sneaking upstairs when one of the kids leaves the door open,and Lily continues to hiss and growl(really loud like a dog!!).Well Fudge has lost patience and now runs at Lily and swipes her!!But as i say...they are mainly separated.
First problem is.....All night long Lily is miaowing......but VERY VERY loudly....and has now kept me awake for nearly a week Sleeps all very playful and loving and has settled well,eats well etc.....but this bloody noise is driving me mad!!! Is it because she's deaf and cant hear how loud she is??!!
Now onto my next dilemma.......someone my hubby works with (who's cat had kittens 2 weeks before Fudge) has been trying to place his kittens in local shelters.....but they have all turned him down.Well he has said he is going to drown them all.......and believe me he will.So i've told hubby we'll take them on.He wants us to take them next week at 8 wk old and wont keep them what do i do???? HELP!

Anyway here is pics of Lily.....and yes they are still too big!!!
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I know you want help but i haven't the faintest. I do have this though.

She has the sweetest face i have ever seen...she does look alittle saddened. her eyes are beautiful..
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Lol thank you!! She sure is a beauty!! To be honest i'm not too concerned over the Lily/Fudge issue....i'm sure all will be fine there! Its just these kittens i don't know what to do about......with Fudge and her 4 kittens and then my 4 kids,we are a bit crowded!!! So to take in another 4....
I probably will do anyway as cant bear the thought they may come to harm.I'll have to try and re-home them myself!
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i think you should take the kittens on , take them to the vet before letting them near your own kittens just in case there is a health problem. with lily and fudge keep them seprate for about 2 weeks , there is a really good introduction sheet on this fourm somewhere which should help. bless you for taking them in .
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Hiya Tasha, I really dont know what to do now....I asked the hubby to get me some background on the kittens.They will be 8 weeks on friday,they are shut in a downstairs toilet with NO litter tray and they haven't been weaned He said he has tried one bowl of food but they didnt like it so he never bothered again!!
Some people...............
So i've told him to get a litter tray in are they supposed to learn from mum if she is doing it elsewhere.And the same for the food....have told him to feed his cat in there too and also to let them out each day to get used to everyday life.
Until the time they are weaned i wont be taking them.....but i'm worried he will get rid of them in the meantime because he wont put the effort in.
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I know 8 weeks is too young, but if he is going to kill them then you should take them. Just have them vet checked before exposing them to your cats. Maybe one of the shelters, or petfinder would list them for you as "fosters" ?

Good luck!
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How do i take them though if they are still nursing from their mum?! Thats my problem with taking them,if the mum was coming too i'd have taken them as soon as i knew of his plans,but he is keeping the mum cat and just dumping the kittens.How will i feed them if they are not yet weaned?!
From the sounds of it my 6 week old kittens are far more advanced than these 8 week olds.
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It sounds like your gonna have to get some kitty formula and hand feed them..if they refuse to feed themselves. Maybe after you get them checked oiut by the vet. they can be w/the other kits and fudge and she can help nurse and litter train.
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Oh my thats so awful - I think you should just take the kittens and take it from there, they will be in a safer & more loving place with you - I know its easy for me to say that - sorry, but take them, then maybe a friend or family member can help while you get them homed or in a no-kill shelter.
You wont rest until you know they are safe keep us posted

Lily is adorable, bless her, so whats her story - someone dumped her or did you take her in to help ?

Hows Fudge doing and her babies - you'll have to do us an update with photos
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Lilly is beutiful! I love white cats, and i used to have one, and look like one too considering on how much he sheded.

It would be awesome if you took the kittens in!
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like some have suggested take the kittens now as you have no idea when this man will *get rid* of these poor babys. at 8 weeks old giving kmr wont be to hard belive it or not. once they get a taste take it from there start adding some to there kitten food and rubbing a bit on here mouth they will get the hang of it. put them in a room of there own with a little litter tray and start teaching them , they do learn very quickly if they poo on the floor take a piece of tissue and place the poo in the litter box this will help as they will smell it in there . after meals and when they wake up put them in the litter tray and do the scratching motcion or if there start sniffing about put them in the tray.
keep us updated on how everything goes.
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Thanks to everyone for all the advice! Have managed to tell the owner to put in a litter tray,which he did last night,and also to start laying down some kitty food.
He is keeping them until weekend,and then they are coming here!! Have them booked in my vet for tuesday for checks etc and then i'll start looking for homes for these guys!
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thats great news , well done
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just checking back in on this, have been thinking about you - I am glad you have decided to take them Tasha has given you great advice and I am sure they'll be just great with your TLC we are all rooting for you

Keep us posted !
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There are no words ugly enough to describe what I think of a person who would say what your husband's coworker said. I hope you'll get those kittens away from him as fast as you can, and take the momcat too -- tell him you need her until the kittens are weaned.

And then just keep her, if you possibly can... he doesn't deserve her.

Bless you for trying to help.
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I know even my hubby was disgusted.
Good news anyway....they are coming on friday.....AND i managed to get them into my vets too...which im amazed about with it being easter bank holiday!!
I'm sure all will turn out well,Just cant wait to get them now,to start the teaching process.They have been closed in a downstairs wc since birth,so doubt they have been socialised at all.
Providing we get a clean bill of health.....i'm hoping fudge will adopt them and teach them!She is such a sweet girl,i'm sure she will!
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fantastic news. fingers crossed that everything is fine with these little kittys. and heres hoping that there not starting to be semi feral. and what a great vet you have bless him. keep us updated x
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Lily is absolutely gorgeous! Her fur looks so soft. Well done for taking the kittens in, I hope you can easily find good loving homes for them
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Even better news today.....have asked all my friends and co workers,and think ive found some homes for them Once they are litter trained and eating well hopefully they'll have forever homes!
update on the owner...since i've given him advice he has been feeding them kitten food and provided a litter tray,so hopefully it will be an easy task ahead!! Ive managed to swap shifts at work,so i'm in tonight and then have until next wednesday off to spend with the kitty's.

Fudge is being really hostile to Lily,she charged upstairs and chased Lily.She stalks behind the lounge door,and as soon as you come downstairs she charges through and stalks Lily!!!
We have decided to try and find Lily a new home too if the situation doesn't get any lily is terrified.
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