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Here is Dina

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Here is my cat, Dina
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What a gorgeous little black kitty Dina is
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Aww...thanks, Pami...I certainly think so, and thanks for being the first to post
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She is GORGEOUS! How glossy and silky shiny she is, and what big golden eyes she has! She reminds me a lot of my beloved King Sunny-a-Cat, but she has her own look. Easy to see why you love her -- I do, too!
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Dina is a pretty girl. Cute little white patches.
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Dear pushylady:

What an ADORABLE picture you have there -- I have one similiar of my Baby Suha and one of my Sishya. But that one is an even closer closeup that you have -- musta been squeezin'
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Dina you are simply beautiful..I love her coat and her eyes.
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awe dina is such a pretty and stunning girl
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aww black kitties - so sweet & mysterious
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She's beautiful and her coat is so shiny
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