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Tummy rub categories

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Category 1: HATES tummy rubs. Trying to give a tummy rub to a category 1 will result in losing everything south of your wrist watch!!

Category 2: Tolerates belly rubs, on rare occasions, and for only seconds at a time....usually involves treats afterwards.

Category 3: Thinks tummy rubs aren't too bad, and can be put up with for a time if it makes the food people happy.

Category 4: LOVES belly rubs, can't get enough, wiggles and squirms all over.

Sassy Sasparilla is a Category 4
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Aww that was so sweet watching! You are such a good kitty Dad All 5 of mine are #4s with belly rubs .... I couldnt imagine it any other way.
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Unfortunately, fluffy Ferris is a #1. And how he taunts me with it - he is ALWAYS rolling onto his back when I give him scritches!

But Ginger will throw herself down and show me her belly for the express reason that I am to rub it at her command. As it always takes place in the kitchen, I am under the assumption that she is a #3.
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Cool topic! Jaden is definately a #4, she will repeatedly throw her fluffy self down at your feet and demand you rub her fluffy tummy. She is so cute! She will especially do it after anyone walks in the front door, even strangers. She loves it!

Petal is a #3. She'll roll around and playfully try to bite you, just like a kitten would. Very very cute. We call her the roly-poly teddy bear because her fur is so much like a teddys.

Miggy is a #2. He'll let you do it, but would much prefer you scratch his cheeks and neck.

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Jack fits the #3, and Emily fits #2. Sheeba and Dexter aren't big on the tummy rubs as much as I may try.
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Seb is category #1 with attitude! Its too bad because he has a lovely big furry tummy Not sure about Daphne yet. She doesn't seem to mind as long as there aren't more important things to do
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Trouble is a #3
Cassi is a #4
The other 4 are definitely #1
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That's Damita! She will fall off furniture in the process of a good tummy rub!
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That was an adorable video!

Both my kitties are Category 1's.
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sweet video

Dino - umm well he's got better and manged to get to No.2

Pepsi - aww shes always been No.4 adores tummy rubs

Miss Moofs - well she wavers between No.3 - No.4

Teddy - dont think he knows yet
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Milo and Pepsi are both a 4, however my previous cat Skittles was a 1. Man you were lucky to have any fingers left if you so much looked at her belly!
Great video. X
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I think you may need to add Dr. Claw as #6. He'll flop over, paws in the air \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\(<--He says hi by the way) and demands them in his scratchy mewo. If you don't give them to him he'll cry.
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That video was wonderful! Sassy sure does love her tummy rubs!

My Pushy is a category 4 too.
Wiggs wavers between 3 & 4, even though he's a blatant belly flaunter, he perfers chin scritches to all out tummy rubs.
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LuckyGirl is a 2.....she usually shows you her belly when you get in the door....but you can't touch it for more than a second or two...

Louie is a 4.....but when he decides it's playtime, belly rubbing time is over....playtime can easily result from belly rubbing time by a string from your clothes or an earring or necklace catching his eye.... then it's attack mode!
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