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is this treat safe

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hi all, my razzy loves whisker lickin's treat s. are they on the list. i didn't see them when i looked but want to make sure. i pulled up their site & couldn't find out much about the treats. i also started feeding her meow wet food also. she already eats the dry. she was eating nine lives. i found out on their site one of the pocuh food have wheat guten, so i'm not giving her anymore of it. wished they would hurry & get this under control so more cats & dogs wont have to die. i hope this never happens again!! thanks again for all your help.
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According to their website, the treats have not been recalled.
It says: ALPO Prime Cuts in Gravy canned products and Mighty Dog pouch products manufactured by Menu Foods continue to be the only Purina products affected by this recall.

This is from http://www.purina.com/Company/Press/...spx#purinafaqs

I would avoid anything with wheat gluten to be on the safe side... since some companies seem to have delayed announcing recalls until they had no other choice.
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Ohh the list keeps changing ... but check the sticky thread on recall stuff... i beleive only some pounce treats were recalled...

I too would and am avoiding wheat gluten..
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When I stopped in at the Pet Supplies Plus store tonight, I wanted to buy Purina's Aquariyums cat treats, but the label spelled out "wheat flour" and I decided to wait.

Without checking a few days ago, I bought twenty four Purina Pro Plan cans thinking they were all safe when, in fact, every can except the chicken and liver variety contained wheat gluten! I'll just wait several days before feeding the cans to our cats and see if this recall keeps expanding.
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thanks for all your help. razzy loves her as we call her can food, meat . going to just give her a few of her treats for a while instead of her meat. wonder how long she will stand for that ..lol. thanks.
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