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Radio question of the day: 04/02/07

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Who is the person/friend you've known the longest, other than family members?
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My best friend Vanessa since the 6th grade. and my best friend, Lauren who I have known since junior high.
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My friend Bridget, we've know each other since high school.
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It has to my best friend since 9th grade. Roxanne! We don't see each other often now but when we do it's like we've never been apart!
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My best friend Michelle. We have known eachother since we were 6 and 7. 15 of my 22 years.
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Other than family and still in touch...I think that would have to Lena, a friend from high school. I haven't actually seen her for over 30 years, but we reconnected about fifteen years ago by phone, and have continued a loose correspondence since then. She lives in Ontario and I'm on the west coast, but we almost managed to get together twice in the last couple of years -- circumstances intervened -- third time lucky, maybe?
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If it is someone I keep in touch with still it would have to be DH. I don't think Mom's friends count. LoL They are like family. Out of those I don't keep in touch with, I have a few on myspace from HS.
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My best friend Ann, we have been friends since Kindergarten.
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My friend Mellissa. We met when we were like 2 and we are still friends. I haven't seen her in a few years, but I will see her in October at her wedding.
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I've been friends with Tracy since we were 2 years old!
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Melody All though we dont keep in touch as much as we used to I have known her since probly 4th grade.
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my friend megan I have known her since she was born and we are only a few months apart, but we dont really stay in touch anymore so if u would really want to count someone it would have to be my best friend mandy I have known here since 2nd grade
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I've known Jen since I was 7 and she was 8 -- we went to grade school together. We don't keep in touch much now (we just re-connect through Facebook), but she's known me the longest.
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Probably some of the kids that I grew up with - Trisha, Donna, Susie. My next door neighbor who was like a brother cause he was a year older - Peter.
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I think that would be Dorinda. We've known each other practically from birth because our moms are friends and we grew up two houses apart!
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My friend Adam- I've known him since I was like 2 years old!
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I message a friend on myspace from Junior high, but I wouldn't consider her a true friend. Other than that is 'my preppy friend' from the 10th grade, Karen. hehehe....wait till I tell her I said that on here!
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My best friend Erica, I've known her since I was 17.
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A person I still have contact with would be my best friend, Starla. When I moved to the city I live in now, she lived around the block from me.

I was 4 and she was 3. We went to school together from K-12. I'll be 21 in a month and 10 days and so that makes it 17 years.
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My best friend Renae! We grew up together- we've been inseperable since the day we met!
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That would be my coworker Denise. She and I went to school together and were friends then and now we are aquaintainces with possibilities of renewing our friendship someday.
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We were in scouts together when young.
Have not seen since we left Bucharest in 1989.
But now we talk on email all the time...he live in Croatia now and I live in Downers Grove!!! (near Chicago)

Still we talk every day!

He also own cats...he keep 3
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A good friend called E. We were born a few months apart and have known each other since then. We competed in the swimming pool together, went to school together (almost all the way). And when we both went overseas to high school - myself in Australia and she to England, we met again in the High Street Kengsington library - both on school holidays but studying for A - Levels...

I am godmother to her son now!
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My best friend Michelle... We've been friends since 4th grade... and despite the fact that we had a falling out a few years ago and didnt talk for quite some time... we've found our way back to each other and it's like nothing ever changed... She's the sister I never truly had...
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Probably my best friend Sarah...I have known her for over 12 years....we became friends in 6th grade
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My friend Debbie, we've been friends since 4th grade when I moved down here... Though now... this guy that I went to school with in 1st grade-4th starting coming into where I work and he recognized me! Is that so funny or what. So we've become friends again!
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I'm so jealous of everyone with life-long friendships! We moved around a lot growing up, and my college friends broke contact with me when I started getting serious with my hubby...they didn't like him.

I suppose my husband would count as a family it would be "the Kims". They're my two closest friends...both named Kim...and we met when we started working together about ten years ago. One Kim still works here, but in a different department now. The other left to become a teacher (but lives a couple blocks away from my house now, so I see her more often than the one who works here).
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