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I Just Wanted To Say...

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... I've just recently joined and already I'm getting a feel for this place ! I hope to be a long staying member of this wonderful community. Hi to everyone
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Hi Hyperkitty and welcome to the boards!
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Welcome to the site! This really is a wonderful place to spend time. The only warning we try to give out is that this site is very addictive, in a good way.
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I have only been a member a short time but I can't get enough!
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Awww, thanks everyone !
I know how forums can be addictive and I guess here will be even worse for me since I love cats too. Glad I found the site. Once again, thanks for the warm welcome all
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G'day and welcome to the group
I'm pretty new myself and loving it, so I'm sure you will as well.
Great people here
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Welcome! I am also a newby but just love this site. It's really addictive with more than enough genuine, friendly advice...all from people owned by cats!
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Thanks purringpanther and Krissi ! you guys are already making me feel at home here
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Welcome Glad ya joined us!
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Welcome Hyper. So, UK vs Canada. What are the best things about Canada over the UK? And what do you miss about old Blighty? (Don't mean to be quizzing you!)

Hope to see more of you. And everyone will love to see pics of your cats!
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I just love this site. It's funny and helpful and friendly and you get to see all manner of gorgeous kitties. Wonderful!
Diann in Australia
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Gosh, I never expected to be welcomed like this ! I this has to be the best welcome I have ever had

And wow, good question flimflam
Well off the top of my head Canada is very different from the UK, like there's so many different races here. It almost feels like being in several different countries ! The landscape is beautiful and I so love the snowy winter hehe

But I do miss all the beaches (me being from Cornwall) and the countryside/cottages of England *nods head*
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oops, I forgot to say... how would I go about showing a pic of my cats ?
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Welcome Hyperkitty! I was born and raised in Toronto. If you need any advice on where to shop, best restaurants, things to do in Toronto, etc - give me a shout!

Posting photos is quite easy. When you go to post a message to the forums you will find at the bottom of the screen (under the reply box) an area that says "Attach File". You can then click the browse button which will let you locate the file on your computer. Then you attach the file, it's that simple.

**First make sure the photo is less than 33240 bytes since this site has a restriction on photo size.

Enjoy your stay!

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Awww thanks Russian Blue that's really nice of you and I will definitely keep that in mind. I'm in the downtown area and live in a Italian/Portuguese area

And thanks for helping me with submitting a pic. I now know how to do it and was going to upload one, but I'll have to resize it and it will ruin the resolution.

So for now I'm adding a link to a photo I took of Bailey and soon I'll add one of Milo as soon as I can get him to keep still for a minute lol

Bailey's Photo
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