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1st International Bangkok Cat Show

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Good news and ???news on my cat show results....pics arriving by email tomorrow - sorry! I was clerking!

The bad news...Stevie failed to grand , he is now only 2 miserable points away for Grand and will end the show season as a Champion...oh well...
Official result - 3rd Best SH Champion in Bob Zenda's Ring and that's it.

Reecie - 3rd Best SH Champion in the other 3 rings.

The good news....

My Kitten Suria....well, finalled in all rings....

In order of Judging...

5th Best,
3rd Best,
8th Best.

YES!!!!! The first Abyssinian Kitten EVER in the history of the cat fancy in Asia to have ever achieved such a distinction!!!! Overall 4th best kitten.

Okay, I admit it...the show was a small one but after all it's my very first Best in Show and he's a kitten of MY breeding!!!!

Thank you all for you show vibes - it helped tons!!!!
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WOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW Congrats girlfriend - way to go. The judges had to be blind not to give him those final points! I know its frustrating - but when will the next show be?

Did you cry, jump for joy, or faint on the Best Kitten win? (btw - how many kittens?)
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I started crying the moment she presented the most beautiful Persian Kitten as 3rd Best - I just realised that Suria was in the top two...

Then she went to Suria's cage, hesitated, walked away and went to the Maine Coon kitten. Hesitated, started walking back to Suria's cage, stopped, turned back to the Coon and took him out.

The audience was going crazy...breaths held coz some judges like to announce the penultimate cat as Best, leaving 2nd Best in the cage...

She presented the Coon, and said the magic words - 2nd Best Kitten!

Crowd went wild!!!!! I really started crying then! Went to her and bowed (she's Japanese) and said "Arigato Gozaimasu you have just given me my very first Best in Show." She said "You bred this kitten? You are my ring clerk!" I said - "Yes". I jumped and ran to the closest friend I had there and hugged him!

In the history of CFA in SE Asia, NEVER has a own bred (as opposed to purchased) SH kitten EVER defeated the persians and the maine coons...I am the first.

And yes, there were only 24 kittens in the class - 70% were long hairs!
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Double Wow! I know if I was there with you, we'd both be crying ((((big hugs to you))))

Now just wait till you get the ocicat over there
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Way to go Masmeera Cattery!
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Wow what great news! In addition to tears, your heart must have been pounding a mile a minute! Congratulations to all of your babies! I am getting teary eyed just posting this!
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I am sharing your joy, Lamb. That is quite an achievement and I know you must be very, very proud. You deserve it!
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Congratulations! There were two Abys that made it to the top ten in the show that was televised here and they were the first that I had seen. I had only seen pictures before. They seem like high energy cats with a lot of personality. I noticed a definite tilt towards Persians in that show as well. I don't really understand it but then I am not a big Persian fan.
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This year in CFA, the Persians (LH's) are dominating. Last year it was shorthair (including the 2nd Best Cat/Best Kitten Nationally) - none other then Charlie's older 1/2 brother - Stradivarious
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