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They're snuggling!!!!

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Stumpy and Smudge NEVER snuggle! If Stumpy's asleep, and Smudge is looking sleepy, I often try to put Smudge next to Stumpy, but Stumpy always wakes up and tries to attack Smudge and will not let little Smudgie cuddle her.

So imagine my delight when we got back from our neighbours yesterday to discover this!

Ok, so it's not quite "snuggling", and Stumpy doesn't look too pleased at getting caught with Smudge, but it was exciting nonetheless!
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aww kitty - togetherness well you're braver than me - if I tried to put Moofi near Dino or Pepsi, there'd be hell on and wouldnt even think of putting Teddy in the mix
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I know the feeling. My kitties never lounge together and I just recently posted a thread of them sharing a window view. It's funny how common interests make them more tolerant like a sunny window or a plate full of nip.
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Aw that is too cute! Zoey and Saki are the same way, they barely EVER sleep or sit right next to each other so when they do I hurry and try to take as many pics as possible
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Yay!! Yeah one doesn't look pleased but that's not the point - the point is they're snuggling!
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That sure counts as snuggling!
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So cute!! I hope there is more snuggling to come.
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That is great! I get excited when mine sleep in the same (queen sized) bed .
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I call it a snuggle!!
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Definitely a snuggle!

Such a cute picture
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It's close enough to a snuggle for me It's funny because they often hang out - they both run to the door when we get home, both like to play, so often play at the same time with us, and on Saturday were kinda playing together. Stumpy was in a plastic bag trying to attack Smudge who was outside the plastic bag.

And yesterday they often seemed to be in the same place doing the same thing, so I wonder if Stumpy's getting used to Smudge always being around her
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Awww Well done Stumpy!
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How sweet is that? I can just feel the love!!
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awe thats so cute, thats snuggling in my book its rare that u see any of my cats cuddling together like that when they do "snuggle" how smudge and stumpy were I try to get the camera And when u do see its usually between stormie, blue, and bella but that picture is so cute, and they are such cuties
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Ohhhh that is precious
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