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Snow? It was just 80*!!

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Yeah... thats right. I was watching the weather on the news last night, & they are forecasting SNOW flurries for Wed & Thurs! Seriously, we were in the 80s last week, and now its supposed to get back down to the 20s and 30s the rest of the week, with rain and snow

And here I was, all ready for spring and warm weather.... I guess the flip flops are going back in the closet!! Stupid Minnesota weather!!
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But Kenz, you LOVE winter!! We have the same stupid weather here this week too! YUCK!
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Snow? Yikes.

No snow here, but it's definitely that weird time of year: flowers are blooming while I'm still wearing my winter coat.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
But Kenz, you LOVE winter!! We have the same stupid weather here this week too! YUCK!
Yeah...I love snow in the WINTER months! I'm ready for spring!
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We had a situation like that here a few weeks ago. We had two days of about 70 degree weather, and then about 2" of snow on the 3rd day
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Well, you just keep that snow up there, OK? We've got weather down in the 40s with rain this week but thankfully no snow!
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No snow here (not that we ever really get any) but we are getting ready for more rain. Now don't get me wrong, with the drought here over the past 2 years we really need it to fill up out lakes, out water supplies, but we just got hit hard with an abundent amount of rain on Saturday, with some areas getting up to 7 inches in about a 4 hour period and we are still trying to dry out from that..More rain in the forcast for Tues-Wed-and Thurs..I may be asking for a boat from you all soon.
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No snow, but low temperatures. I'll have to bring all my newly planted flowers inside at night and then put them back outside during the day to get sun.
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It's dogwood winter. This weekend the temps will be almost 30 degrees cooler than now. Yep, the flip-flops will be getting a rest.
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keep that snow there!!!!!!! we were supposed to get some this week in Maine but i really want spring to be here.
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Snow and colder weather predicted starting late tomorrow night. One local weatherman said 1-2 " of snow. Temps are to drop into the lower 20's/upper teens. That's going to play havoc with all the plants that are starting to emerge!!! And its supposed to be that was for several days too.
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I haven't watched the weather in awhile...but aren't chances of snow at least slim? I love winter too, but this is ridiculous!
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They are predicting snow here as well for the weekend I'm ready for winter to be over!
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We're going to be getting the snow too.
I'm really getting tired of it!
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At least we aren't the only ones getting insane weather... I agree w/ everyone else that winter needs to be over with.
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We must be sharing the same storm front. It's supposed to snow here on Wednesday too. Yuck. I'm SO sick of winter!!! Cleo can't figure out why I don't want to take her outside on her leash, but's cold again!!!
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