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Here are Sadies Babies - born April Fools Day!!!

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I put the pics on the thread I had going on "my cats is pregnant and due very soon" But I figure this is a new chapter so I and starting a new thread!!! Plus I couldnt see thepics so I was afraid you couldnt either!!

Ok everyone - sorry for the heres the lil ones!!!!

This is my most beautiful most wonderful most amazing Momma and her babies!!! I am soooo proud of her!!

This is kitten D - as we have been calling them - so far - This is the only one that didnt look like Momma - My sister in law has already claimed this one!!

This is Kitten A - this is the one we are keeping - though I'd love to keep them all - hehe - this is the one I had to help her with!! When she let me help her I was almost in tears!!

Ok in this pic Kitten B is on the top left and Kitten C in on the other side of the lil gray one. They look almost exactly alike Kitten B white chest and Kitten C is dark gray all over except his paws!!!

( I called them letters cause when I was carrying my twins it was A and B) and plus we wanted to name them when we are all together!! and All together in this busy house is rare. So by next weekend we will have names for our Lil April Fools babies!!!

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aww thats better I can see them now - a little dark but can see them ok - they are sweeties keep us updated - with more photos too
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So glad mama and babies are all doing ok!

Such cuties
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Thank you for the pics Those babies are so pretty
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AWWW those little whit feet are so cute!!! Love the pics and congratulations!!
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Hi - They look soooo cute! Read my reply on my other thread - 'due any day now' - we have kittens at last!! Will be posting my pics soon - keep your pics coming I love them!
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Wonderful babies! Congrats to all.
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~AWWW I cant imagine having them on April Fools Day. Be like "Hey mom Im having kittens....NOT..APRIL FOOLS....OOPS No....yea...yea I REALLY am having them haha~

~Congrads! they look ADORABLE. She only had 4? So that really makes me think NoNo will have only 2-3 babies because she isnt very big and is a thin framed cat so if your girl had 4 and she is bigger than mine then I HOPE only 1-2-3 for me lol anywayz HAPPY KITTEN'ING~
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Congratulations on the little ones! Can't wait to see bigger photos of the little darlings!
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Hi everyone - I dont have new pics yet but I just wanted everyone to know that since Sunday morning - the lil ones have all gained 2 ozs - they were all bor 3 ozs and now they all weigh 5 ozs. I am soo proud of my Sadie she is a great momma!!!!

I PROMISE I will get more pics soon - I've been using my hubbys camera phone and he has it now so - I will take more tonight!!

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