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Prayers needed for this family

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Yesterday afternoon there was a real bad wreck in the town that I live in.

We found out last night that one of our former day care kids was killed in the wreck. The little girl was only nine years old.

The mother was hurt too and her little brother was also there. I think the mother has a broke leg and the little boy is ok, I think he was just banged up a little.

I don't know any of the funeral arrangement right now.

Please keep this family in your prayers.
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Oh goodness Bea, so sorry to hear about this. I know you have a small town, so everyone knows everyone.

Prayers for this poor family and your town to heal.
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That's terrible to hear

Sending many prayers to the little girl's family.
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Sending prayers from Pennsylvania for her family and her.
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Thats so sad Many prayers from Kansas heading that way!!
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Thanks everyone, I am gonna see one of the people that is over there right now at the bowling alley tonight, so I should be able to find out some more information.
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Oh how sad! They are in my prayers!
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Nine years old, what a tragedy.
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Oh my goodness... my prayers to her family. It's so sad to loose somone suddenly, even more so when it is someone so young.
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Oh my goodness, how awful for this family..Many thoughts and prayers are being sent from us to you and to this poor family.
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That is so awful I am so sorry for everyone involved. They are in my thoughts.
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Their family is in my thoughts and prayers.
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