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I am FREE lol

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So I was sitting here and bella comes up to cuddle, then next thing I know shes on my stomach and im laying down, then here comes blue....blue jumps up and lays on my neck I know we all love cuddle time ecs me, but give me some room to breath, or let me breath but its ok! I had treats on hand to bribe them with (I think thats all they want me for ) But then bella went to clean blue which means she is excepting her finally as her own of course blue flinched, bella makes everyone flinch even the dogs what can I say i guess we kno who the alpha is in the house but I mean they were right on me blue right in front of bella, it was just too cute, wish i was able to get a photo tho Now tho bella got her treat and went in the window to "patrol" and blue is of course EATING, shes such a pig and yet stays soo skinny, i wish i could do that !! What to do now....hmm lurke around tcs some more before I call it a night
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Awww I'd love to have my two do some bonding time on me!

I know how you feel though - Its like you can't move a muscle till they're done
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Why do they do that?! LOL Gillan sits on my chest, and literally we sit nose to nose!
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