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Noodles does that on a regular basis. I don't remember Mooch doing that, but Noodles sure does!
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Tilly wails until she can see us if she gets hungry
Archie, bless his cotton socks, gets lost in a small 6 room house and "forgets" how to open doors he'd been through only that morning. He then calls us until we rescue him and carry him down the stairs.
Tilly has us all so well trained. She doesn't like Archie as much as she used to but if she can't see him she climbs on top of the cupboard and Screams until he wakes up from his peaceful nap and hurries downstairs. Of course, cos she's so high up he can't see her, and she's shut up by then so he just sits on the stairs looking baffled.
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Wow, our cats definitely are weird!!!

Now that I think of it, my old RB cat Coco used to do this as well. Not sure if she'd lost us though, or if she was just noisy. She's Siamese and has a real Siamese yowl, so would run around the house at night time yowling at us, and she'd go to anyone who made a noise - even if we just yelling for her to shut up.

I think she was just annoying though
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Pearl is that way, too! She can be curled up in a deep sleep, snoring away (in a ladylike manner, of course), but somehow she knows if I tiptoe down the hall and lock myself into the bathroom. She's there in moments, crying as if it's the end of the world until I come out again.

What a darlin!
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Mine do that to me as well sometimes Especially my foster kittens- i'm their "mommy" so they like to be with me all the time.
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None of mine get "lost" but Milo has a quirk that has become a ritual. (One that I HATE!!) I actually posted about this a few weeks ago b/c it drives me crazy! Around 4-7 in the morning, Milo will come into the bedroom, go to the closet at the foot of the bed, and yowl and scratch at the door. When I wake up, call him, and pat the bed he runs over for love and few minute nap. Then he is up and usually goes straight to the garbage can to knock it over, make a little noise, then goes back downstairs. I think he just gets bored and wants my attention!
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Whenever I'm somewhere in the house involving a closed door (the bathroom or when I'm changing in the bedroom) the two cats will lie down outside of the door. They just wait there, for either me to come out or just to be close. It's always so cute.
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