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Does your cat lose you?

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I posted about Stumpy and how she MOWMOWMOW's at night time when she "loses" us and she comes running when she hears me call her and comes for a scritch, then settles down.

I am amazed at how many other kitties lose their people at night time! This is the first cat I've ever owned who's done this...

Does your cat??
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Yep, my woden calls for maaaam mooom maam moom.. when ever I am out of sight. There can never be a closed door between us unless I want to put up with his wailing.
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Every other night this occurs with Fred. He must know that we've gone to bed. I mean, how could he not? Nermal always knows and simply joins us in bed. But Fred has to do the lonely meow until I call him. If I'm asleep before he calls out, he always ends up in bed anyway!!!! So he is just pretending that he's lost, I think!
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Damita looses me all the time, but she can't see me.....so that's to be expected! She has learned to come when I call her name & snap my fingers.
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Yes, Abby loses me all of the time. She will leave a good cuddle session to go and get her rolled up socks and I hear her roaming around the apartment with her socks and meowing frantically looking for me. I have to keep talking to her so that she can find me. Silly girl.

Chynna never loses me. She's 15 and is hard of hearing now but she seems to find me immediately no matter where I am.
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I have found that separation anxiety is normal in cats. Shutting a bedroom door (or any interior door) is about the worst thing a human could do. How dare we limit their rightful all-house access?

One of ours has what I can only describe as night terrors. Coming to her rescue is the only way to calm her down. What a baby!
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lol let me open the door to the deck and sneak off, heyu will go into a panic.
or heaven help if someone shuts the door. she turns into a black puff ball, and yells from the time she get in the house until she finds me.

i was evil the other day , and shut it, normaly i leave it open and blocked so it does not swing all the way open. But i some how it got shut!!! oh man, i both of them where sitting in front of the door and started Yelling at me.
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Gillan almost never loses me, he follows me everywhere! Although, I must admit - when there is a closed door between us (like now) I can hear him meowing!
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LOL at cats getting lost.
This doesn't happen to me.
Maverick did it for a few weeks when we first got him but now they seem to know where to look, or follow our scent to locate us.
That is so funny that other cats get "lost" within the house!
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I don't think my flat is big enough to get lost in

If Sonic is in the kitchen and has been playing sometimes I will hear him start to yell WOW? WOW? with a sort of upward inflection at the end. When I call his name he will go 'WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA' and run towards me. It's very sweet. I think he is asking 'where are you?'
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stoli used to do that all the time. now it's just when one of us leaves the house. Luxor does it when we have our bedroom door shut - but it's for food and he isn't lost - he knows we're in there.
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Much will get lost when we go up to bed. She will start meowing until we call her.
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Yeah, I know that behaviour. dEUS does it most. When his breeders brought him and Flynn they left them on top of the big cat tree, and the first days he kept climbing up there and crying for us to come to him. It was cute but a bit unpractical. I had heard his breeder call the kittens and I imitated her inflection so when he started calling for us I would call him and he would come "find" us.

There was this one time in october when we did a cat show abroad, we stayed overnight with my aunt because she lives closer to the border. I was in bed and dEUS was walking around exploring the house, every so often he would realize he'd lost me in the strange house and start calling for me (dEUS is almost two but still has a voice like a kitten, very cute and kinda silly ), I'd call back, a short time later he'd find me, jump on the bed, lick my face and snuggle up under the covers, and after some time he'd be off exploring again, until he realized he'd lost me again, LOL.
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Last night Quill woke me up ... he would constantly come into my bedroom and "RRRRRRR!" until I patted the bed, half asleep .... and then after considering his options for about ten minutes while still "RRRRR!"ing and chirping and making cute noises he would saunter out .... the door is usually half open but last night I shut it only a crack and it's a creaky door. Then downstairs, he would start MOWing at the top of his lungs, so I kept calling him until he came back into my room and started chirping and RRRR!ing all over again .... eventually I think he settled in his corner of the bed and I fell asleep. He loses his people at night but I think he's also looking for his toys, calling them
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Okay I thought I was alone, lol. Yup, Baylee does that too!
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No, because they are always under my feet and following me everywhere.
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Oscar does this and DH and I laugh, then call him. The sound he makes is sooo sad and depressing, but soooo funny at the same time. It's the ONLY time he makes a full meow sound. Usually he trills and squeaks, lol.
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Hmm, I thought maybe Noel was one of the few that did it... and I often wondered when my sister was saying she's looking for you... if she actually was or was just engaging in some neurotic kitten-missing behavior.. She walks through the house carrying something, usually a sock or slipper or something of mine but sometimes it's a small toy or something else, in her mouth. She makes a mewling like she's looking for her kittens. I just always thought that maybe she was missing her litter of babies (which she had like 7 years ago)..when my mother let her outside while she was babysitting her. Actually, I guess it was 9 years ago, because it was her first heat. I figured it was because she was so young when she had that litter that she never emotionally adjusted and she does get really attached to other animals in the house.

Good to know I'm not alone, though.. and I don't understand how she loses me when I'm home. Doesn't make a lot of sense. I understand it when I'm not there (and you find the evidence of socks and slippers relocated throughout the house)..
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LOL...I guess my two don't care where their Meowmy is...unless their food bowl is empty!
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Chessy does this all the time.
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Squee does, but Scratch doesn't. Probably because Scratch hardly sleeps in my bed anymore.
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Are you kidding me? Spike can spend the entire afternoon curled up on my lap, but if he leaves the room, he forgets where he left me and has to call me until I call him back. (Spike is a special cat.) I should probably point out that we live in a one-bedroom apartment, so it's not like there's a lot of places to lose me in. (Nor am I easy to lose -- it's not like we have a closet to Narnia or anything ...)

Spike doesn't just lose us at night, though. He loses us any time he leaves the room we're in. He can't remember which room he left us in and gets panicky. It would be far too much work for him to search the four rooms plus hallway we have in the apartment, so he just stays wherever he is and cries for assistance. And J and I, being the suckers that we are, immediately come to his aid.
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Jck has done this from when he was a small kitten, and still does it today..We just call it his "night time ritual.".
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Ari usually knows where to find me, but has "called" on occasion. Once I called to him from one room and he ran past the room I was in looking for me. That confused him!
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LOL, Tucker get's lost constantly If he can not see me, he's lost and will mew until he finds me.
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It's difficult to lose Tomas, I'd have to pry him off me first. He does hate being separated from me by a door, cries and claws at it till I let him out or in. One of his nick names is 'the separation anxiety kitten'.
Sho keeps track of me, usually checks in to make sure I'm where I should be then goes about his business.
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None of our current crew do that, but our RB Nibs did it constantly. Not at night, thank God, because he was a Siamese with a classic Siamese yowl. But several times a day he'd find himself at one end of the house with no humans around and let off one of the yowls to find us. Normal response was "Oh, Niblet, put a sock in it!" and he'd come running for scritches. Silly boy.
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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226 View Post
Okay I thought I was alone, lol. Yup, Baylee does that too!
Same here! Lucky does this, sometimes when I just left him sleeping. I think he has nightmares when he does this at night. It's too cute
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Daisy does, but only at night. Every night, right at bedtime. She knows where our bedroom is and she knows that we're in it
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Petunia lost me in the bathroom today. The bathroom!!! She was crying like she was being killed while I was in the shower. She then got herself so worked up that she peed on the floor. I kept talking to her, but she still thought I was missing. She is so weird!
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