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So annoying!

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I have a little problem. Chester is a pain in my buns first thing in the morning. Yes, I know, having a cat who eats wet means I have to be woken up at 6am with bites to my legs and licks to my eyes, I get that. I don't like it, but I get it.
The problem is with his behaviour around it. I used to be able to lock him out of the room for a couple more hours, and after about 10 minutes of whining at the door he'd go to sleep until I got up. Since we've moved into this new apartment though, he howls at the door until I get up. One time I actually laid awake for 2 hours listening to him howl and waiting for him to stop to reward him. I ended up having to get up to use the washroom. He not only does this when he wants food and I've locked him out, but also if I get up to feed him and then close the door behind me when I go back to bed. If I leave the door open he comes in and tries to get more food and starts knocking items off of my dresser.
I'm so tired of not being able to get a full nights sleep because he wont let me sleep, due of hunger or not. Also, this does not boad well for having company overnight, as it bothers them too.
Ignoring him isn't working and I can't get him to give me the chance to reward him for good behaviour!
Any thoughts or ideas?
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ewww sorry Sylorna I feel for you. I don't have any advice but good thoughts coming atcha. Do you just have the 1 cat? Maybe he is bored. I've been extremely lucky that my 2 play all night together and the most I hear from them are occassional thumps. I've been feeding them wet during the day when I'm home and awake but I leave out a little dry at night for them.
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Nope, not only do I have another cat, but the one who's bugging me is the older one. The kitten is 6 months old and you'd think she'd wear him out...but noo.
Funny. she doesn't seem to care much about me getting up on time, but he is so agressive about it.
They get wet and dry put out for them twice a day, night and morning.
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We feed our cats twice a day too and one is very pushy about his food. We wait to feed them until we are completely ready for work and are about to walk out of the door. They typically don't start pleading until we are at least out of the tub. It's still annoying but less annoying than being woken!
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They do make electronically-timed food trays that will "release" a wet meal at a predetermined time... but if your cat is like my Clyde, he wants your company at breakfast as much as he wants the food, so that might not work.

Still...worth a try, maybe?
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yeah, something to think about. Lol, I'd find it on it's side and smashed open around 3am, I just know it.
At least if I could do that for morning feedings, he might not bug me so much
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