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Male ego problem?

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I have a male cat (Hunter) and had him since he was 3 days old, along with is sister and adopated the mother several months later.

Since then we've adopted 2 more female cats. So, he's rules the roost as the only male. All the cats get along fine.

Pet Adoption called and asked me to foster a cat, so I did. After several months of him not being adopted, we adopted him. He just seemed to like it here and seemed to really hate pet adoption day.

So, Hunter liked the foster male, until he was adopted. Now Hunter is rebelling or something, peeing on my bathroom rug all the time.

I read about having two litter boxes on here. Do you think that can solve the problem or is there more to it? Will his peeing behavior stop in time? Do I have to get rid of the new male adoptee?

If we set up two litter boxes, what's to say that the new adoptee doesn't go into the one Hunter likes and messing the whole thing up?
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First and foremost, get Hunter to the vet to rule out any health issues.
I seen many times where a new feline family member upset the balance and created some stress which resulted in someone getting a UTI.
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The theory is ideally to have at least one box per cat. One thing seems to happen also, and that is that male cats don't always like using a box to urinate, but prefer a flattish surface, and your bathmat is most like going outdoors on the soft ground. It took me a long time to work out that one of ours prefers a plain place, which does mean that we get to clean it up when he uses it (scolding or scrubbing only makes him pick a new place... better to at least keep it to the one area) instead of hanging his rear into a box and his forefeet outside on the ground (which he also does, but unpredictably. We put the plastic lid to a Rubbermail blanket box (like a big semi-clear litter box the other cats use) under the box by a bit with a lot of it in front of the box and a few spoons of litter on it, and that's where he goes #1 (only). It's anything but ideal, but better than having him go everywhere else.
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Wait I don't know if I read this correctly... do you have one litterbox for all those cats? Yes definately get more boxes first of all! Also is the whole crew neutered and spayed?
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Yes, I think that's the main problem right there! More litterboxes, and fast!

And next time, don't let Hunter see the adoption papers. Just let him think everybody's a foster but him!
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Thanks for the feedback. All my cats are "fixed." I keep the litter box clean, but put another one out for them. I Don't have one for each yet, but that could be in the future. I told Hunter that was his new box and it was just for him... then the new adoptee (Smokey Joe) walked in it.

Hunter had a few pee free days, until today when he caught me giving Smokey Joe attention, and I'll be ***** if he didn't immediately run to my bathroom and pee on the floor. (No rug,... that's up for now until he can control himself)

I hid the adoption papers, but I think Hunter still knows.
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