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Wish me Luck.

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Well tomorrow is the day that I interview for my job.

Well it's not my job anymore, or maybe it is.... I'm not quite sure.

I have been doing the job of data entry / administrative clerk for the past 2 years. My contract ended on Feb 1st and they didn't renew thinking that the job would be made permanent so Earlier this month the job was made permanent. *yay* The only thing is that I don't automatically get the job I have to interview for it along with I'm not sure how many other people. So tomorrow I interview for my own job.

Wish me Luck, cuz you guys will hear about it if I don't get it.
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Good luck. A lot of companies require that all jobs be posted and people interviewed regardless of the circumstances. The company I work for is like that.
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Good luck vibes coming your way, but I'm sure you won't need them!
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That's an odd contract. You didn't resign or put in leave right? So why would they do an interview with other applicants if they like the job you are doing?
I wish you all the luck, and hope you keep it, but I don't know if I would feel comfortable in a contract like yours. I might be a little confused about your situation.
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I've seen contracts like that, and some even stranger... it has to do with equal opportunity and so forth, I think. Don't let it worry you! Just go in there cheerful and confident -- let your smiling face remind them how nice it is to have you around.
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Sending lots of good luck thoughts your way!

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Good luck!!!!
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Oh, good luck!

I've seen similar contracts, too -- another place where I used to work, even though I was the one they wanted for the job, they still had to interview other people. It's annoying for everyone involved, because it's basically a big waste of time: they already know who they want, right? Bureaucracy can be really dumb.
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Sending you some good job interview vibes{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}
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That is frustrating, but not at all uncommon. As a matter of fact, when I think of the number of similar situations I've been aware of, I'm inclined to think that that process may be right in the labour standards law -- don't know that for fact, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Anyway...hope your interview goes well, and everyone agrees it was really just a formality.
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how odd. Good luck!
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Thanks Everybody!

I think it went well. I did the test this morning for an hour, I dind't find it overly hard, probably because I am already doing what it wasked me to do. The interview ~ well, i'm not sure I had no idea what to expect and it turned out to be "what would you do or what have you done in this type of situation" and "How specifically have you applied your working knowledge of this program to this situation"
I hate theoretical situations and trying to remember specific events and what happened in order to discribe and apply them to the question I find is frustrating.
Then my boss proceeds to once again tell me that the job is not guarenteed and that I should keep looking for other employment. I don't know what to make of it. She's a little hard to read somtimes.
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I hate people who are hard to read like that.... I'm sending many vibes that you get it
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Many <<good luck vibes>> coming your way. One advantage for you is that they know you and how you perform in that you are at an advantage over the other applicants.
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Hmph. That was not the nicest way for your boss to behave.

There are some bosses who think the way to get the most out of their employees is to keep 'em on edge, keep 'em nervous and uncertain. If that's what you're dealing with, maybe you should look for something else -- so you can say no thanks even if she does want to keep you!
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Hope you get it!
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Well As of Today I did not get the job. I was offered a part time 21 hr per week reception job that I don't want and can't live on.

I was told that the person that they are hireing has more experience... EXCUSE ME!? That's basically telling me that i'm not qualified for the job I have been doing for the past 2 years!!

I am still in shock and can't believe I have to go into work at that job that I don't seem to be qualified for tomorow. I have applied for several other jobs and I will qualify for unemployment insurance but I have to give up my apartment and move home to my parents with the cats.

I can't grasp it yet I am kind of numb
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Oh, darlin, I'm so sorry! There's no logic at all in their decision. It just makes no sense.
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That's crappy!

The new person may have more experience in positions of this type -- but nobody has more experience of this particular position than you. I suppose, theoretically, another person might have "better" credentials, but more experience?....


However, if that's how much they value the person who has been doing the job for two years, perhaps you really don't want to stay, anyway. It's the old closing doors and opening windows scenario. Here's to discerning the opportunity in this challenge.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47 View Post
...if that's how much they value the person who has been doing the job for two years, perhaps you really don't want to stay, anyway.
Beautifully said!
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thanks so much guys
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Oh I'm so sorry to hear that. I can't stand employment b.s. like that.

But as rapunzel said, if that's how they're going to be, you don't want that job anyway.

Best of luck finding a new job soon!
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That's terrible that mgmt did have the confidence in you doing your own job.
I agree with the others is this where you want to continue to work. How do you know if working there part time if parts of old job might work its way into your new position. What I mean is could mgmt knowing you know this position use you to do parts of your old job on top the the duties of the other position??
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Good luck!!
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