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Who have "twins" cats???

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Zebra & Pepper are so much alike in looks and personality but they're not related at all!!

Zebra's laying while Pepper's sitting just in case you can't tell which is which!

Ignore all the DVDS in the background! I was moving furniture and had to remove all DVDS before I could even move the cabinets!

Buddy & Spike are from the same litter and are very close.
Spike's on the bottom and Bud's on the top.

I'd LOVE to see pics of YOUR "twins"!
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aww. pretty kitties. The litter that my hunny bun had before I got her spayed had two gray babies and three gray and white babies. One of the gray and white looked just like her and there were two others who we could only tell apart by their feet. One had white toes and one had entirely white feet. I wish I could have kept them all.
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Aww pretty kittys! I have 2 that look VERy similar. They are both strays from the neighborhood so its possible they are related. I got them at different times but their markings are very similiar. Only difference is one is grey and white and the other is black and white. They are both mainly white body, markings on face and head are the same, and both have colors tail. here is pics of No No and Oreo.
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My girls Winnie and Stormy are twins! They are from the same litter.

This is an older pic but it's one of my favorites of them.

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My Twtich & Ophelia are twins!

They're aren't good pics, but those two have a very strong dislike of each other!
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Are you kidding? I can't tell mine apart if I can't see thier chins..

And my favorite
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Keiko and Pixelle come from different breeders but they could be siamese twins...

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Everyone's cats are soo cute! I love the pic of them cuddling. Awww!

My Petal and Miggy are littermates, but they look nothing alike, ha, ha. Even their facial bone structure is different (different fathers perhaps??).
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Not quite twins but brother and sister, Milo and Pepsi

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How about 3 sets of twins in a single picture? OK, not the best picture, but how many times do I have the opportunity to catch 6 cats in one place at one time?

The black cats are Muddy and Koko (brother/sister littermates).

The greys are Sage and Dakota (brother littermates).

The reds are Scarlett and Pinky (probably related either uncle/niece or half sister).
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Not really twins but everyone says they look alike

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No pics, but we had sisters from a litter - both white longhairs (looked like Turkish Angoras). The only way to tell Alouette and Ariel apart was that one didn't like her head touched and the other one didn't like her chin touched.

They had litters at the same time and their own kittens couldn't tell them apart! Of course, all the kittens cared for was that the milk bar was open.
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My Amanda and Gabrielle are sisters, I think. Someone had them spayed, ear cropped and returned to the neighborhood but they weren't feral. Amanda decided she wanted to live with me after I started to feed them. I trapped Gabbie 6 months later when I found out she was living in an old car across the alley from me.


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Great pics everyone
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