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Our bedroom was raided!! :)

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Last night all the babies were in for the night, snoozing peacefully where they usually do.. so hubby and I went off to bed as per usual.
After about an hour or so, we heard a scratching on the bedroom door (how inconsiderate of us - we'd shut it!! ) so we opened it and there was Truffle waiting to come in.... so she wandered in, found a spot and went to sleep. After about half an hour, more scratching on the door...theres Merle, we let him in and off to sleep he went...then, more scrathing, its Pip this time... anyway, about every half an hour there was another cat at the door!! (note how they give us half an hour so we just get back to sleep). Then, all of a sudden about 3 in the morning, theres an almighty wallop on our door and it just swings open, theres Ash,(the giant cat)he marched right in (no polite scratching!), gave us an annoyed MEOOW! and jumped on the bed.... falling asleep and snoring within two seconds on my legs!?!?!? (the only part of my body left by this time :laughing2)

The weird thing is, whenever we actually leave the door open for them, NONE of them want to come in?!?!?! I guess they just wanted to protest last night!??
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I can really picture that in my head!
OMG Bod -you need a bigger bed!!
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:LOL: I know!! At least we can shut the dogs downstairs!!! :LOL:
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IF and I only say IF you got another room for hubby -you could have the dogs in there too!
(sorry Bod)
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Ooooo now theres an idea.....?!?! :laughing: But I think it'd probably be easier to move hubby and I into the smaller room... and let the animals have the double bed!!
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That is too funny! I could just see them huddled in a corner..."OK, so I will go first and pull the pathetic act so I can go in. Now you wait just so long, until you hear them sleeping, then you go..."
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Heidi - Thats exactly it!!! :LOL:
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Well that'll teach ya to leave the door shut! :laughing: I know what you mean, though....if my door is shut...Merlin yowls to get in, but when it's open he goes somewhere else!
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I know I know, obviously I'm not behaving properly so they have started "re-training" me !!! :laughing: How dare I shut them out!??!!? They are all powerful and masters of the house, so they can come in ANY room they so wish, ESPECIALLY if they've been shut out!!
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Half the time hubby leaves the room part way thru the night as the cats take up to much room - I don't know why they bother him though - they all sleep on my side!
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