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Daily Thread in Memory of Phoebe and Chloe

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Hi everyone,

I started our daily thread today in memory of Phoebe, Chloe and Pharoah. It is hard to imagine losing a family pet. I have been very fortunate in that all my cats are healthy. But to lose three pets all within a six month period is devastatingly heartbreaking. Rene and Clint are two of my best friends and I am at a loss as to what to say to ease their grief. I feel guilty that out of all the Sphynx's between us, mine is the only one who is thriving. And I would gladly give MooShoo to them if it would ease their pain. I would ask that everyone on this site take a moment of silence for Phoebe, Chloe, Pharoah and all the precious pets that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Rest in peace my precious ones.
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How incredibly devastating...

I am thinking of them and their babies.
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It is just so unfortunate that all of our babies can't live to be as old as us. It is just so saddening when we lose them. The only comfort we can take is that they are happy and pain free now and that we will one day be reunited with them. But, I know, even that doesn't seem like enough.

I'll make sure Socrates and Tiger keep their tails at half staff today. We send our love and compassion during this time.
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I too am at half mast today Meow Man - although I went to work, I was not the patient person I usually try to be. However, since my eyes are just about swollen shut, everyone was very understanding.
Donna, I am very happy that Moo is healthy and happy with you - I would never want you to lose him. He has to be our token Sphynx for now and we will all delight in his antics and your stories.

I will heal and I will be back on the site soon - but right now I need to grieve and can really only think about Phoebe.

Donna - there is is really nothing to say. I am just angry that it happened right now. I save so many - I just wish I could have saved my own.
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This is a wonderful thread, because it's about the pure and unconditional love which forever exists between us and our feline companions — past, present and future.

[Silent thoughts, not words, are here.]

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