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How far we've come!!!

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I just wanted to share with all of you a major accomplishment for our dog, Max. He has been deemed fit to attend a regular obediance class!!!!

After only 3 private lessons, the trainer feels confident that he will be able to function productively with other dogs and even encouraged us to take him to a dog park!!! We've had issues with other dogs, but private sessions (with dogs brought in by the trainer) have shown that Max is not aggressive, just excited to meet and greet in a very acceptable manner once he's off leash.

I am so happy for him. He is a rescue we got from the shelter a year and 3 months ago. He'd been there for months (large breed hounds are not easy to place) and his previous owners had decided he was too big, strong and goofy (um, he's a DOG, what did you expect?). It's suspected that he was NEVER walked, just tied in a yard. His teeth show some evidence that he may have chewed for extended periods at some type of tether. We were told he was vet aggressive, kid aggressive, stubborn and not able to be around other dogs. When he first came home, he would snap at anyone who touched his back end.

Now, he's a sweetie. Allows kids to pet him and shows no sign of aggression (never has, actually). Doesn't snap at all.....the back end touching issue was solved by a burst anal gland that translated into twice a day warm baths for relief and salves with plenty of cheese during! He's doing well with learing to control his level of interest/arousal around other dogs, but is only interested, not aggressive. He is a good boy at the vet, though we still muzzle him and he can be a bit of a handful, but our vet is fine with that. He has come such a long long way in the past year. This has been my first experience owning a dog and I was ready for hell, bringing in a rescue....a stubborn 80lb hounddog, no less. But, though sometimes frustrating, it has been SO worth it. Max is our one and only pup and we're so lucky to have him. I can't believe someone left this awesome guy at the SPCA!
Here are some pictures....

After a walk in the rain....

With his best pal, Scooby.....

Relaxing on the couch......and no, he's not possessed

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What a great story and a wonderful dog you have. Just goes to show what patience and a whole lot of love will do
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Hes a really nice looking dog! And you have come a long way with him. It was so nice of you to adopt him.
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What a wonderful story. It makes me so sad to think of all the dogs stuck in shelters and never given a chance to show who they're really are. Good on you for taking the chance on him, and for investing all the time and patience needed! Now you have a wonderful dog to share your home and life with.
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Love the photo with Scooby Doo! That's really great news. I got my dog from a shelter too, and he wasn't listed as being aggressive. Unfortunately, he really is aggressive mean around other dogs, so he always has to be on a leash. He's been to a private dog trainer and special classes for aggresive dogs too. (He actually would do ok in class, but at home he would go back to his insane self--very similar to my human child whose good at school, but empties his bad sack at home )

I'm very happy for you and Max! Enjoy the dog park.
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